Jul 31, 2016

Alcatrazz, One Less Reason

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One Less Reason

“The Memories Uninvited”

 Blending elements of Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Sevendust; the latest release from One Less Reason is an excellent sounding record which showcases the bands solid song writing.

 “Break Me” is a powerful rocker but don’t let the screaming chorus fool you, the vocals are clean throughout.

 Every song on this record has a commercial, clean, clear tone and makes the band airplay ready.

 The Lyrical content for this record is as strong as the musical content which makes every song memorable and relatable.




“The Ultimate Fortress Rock Set”

Six Disc Box Set

 Graham Bonnet is an iconic, yet underrated vocalist and his premier band, Alcatrazz featured 2 of hard rocks most prominent guitar virtuoso’s, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen.

 The audio portion of this box set covers the majority of the bands records and b-sides nicely.  The highlight of this release is the dvd which features 2 full length performances from Alcatrazz both of which were recorded in 1984.

 In the span of 10 months Alcatrazz swapped out Yngwie for Vai and to be blunt with you the band changed drastically.

 Yngwie added his neoclassical riffs and his ego was out of control whereas Vai was more of a band member and a true team player who interacted with the band perfectly.

 Bonnet reminds me David Bowie in terms of his looks throughout the dvd performances and you have to chuckle at some of the wardrobe choices certain band members committed to.

 It’s interesting to realize how Bonnet formed a band after Rainbow which featured 2 guitar virtuoso’s who clearly idolized Richie Blackmore and filled the void that Blackmore left in Bonnet’s musical life.

 There’s a funny moment in the bonus section where Bonnet explains how Blackmore hated how Bonnet dressed and looked.  Blackmore wanted Bonnet to grow his hair longer and Bonnet refused.

 Another interesting part of this set is the video of Yngwie playing a Flying V; Yngwie’s scalloped Strat never leaves his presence these days BUT when Yngwie was younger he rocked a flying v!

 Musically, I prefer Alcatrazz with Vai simply because the style with Vai was more direct and commercial.

Author: Bob Suehs