Aug 8, 2010

Wednesday 13 - Interview 2010

I had the chance to interview Wednesday 13 backstage at the 2010 Mayhem Fest & our chat went long...very long! We got so wrapped up in our conversation that all the scheduled interviews ended up being late because Wednesday & myself were talking about alot o' stuff & when the interview was finished Wednesday told me that he enjoyed talking with me because I talked about stuff he hadn't talked about in a long time & when I asked Wednesday if he would take his sun glasses off for a picture he replied, "No way man, I'm like Burt Reynolds...Burt only takes off his glasses for pussy!"
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I had the chance to interview Wednesday 13 backstage at the 2010 Mayhem Fest & our chat went long...very long! We got so wrapped up in our conversation that all the scheduled interviews ended up being late because Wednesday & myself were talking about alot o' stuff & when the interview was finished Wednesday told me that he enjoyed talking with me because I talked about stuff he hadn't talked about in a long time & when I asked Wednesday if he would take his sun glasses off for a picture he replied, "No way man, I'm like Burt Reynolds...Burt only takes off his glasses for pussy!"

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you seen KISS on their current "Sonic Boom" tour?

Wednesday 13: "I saw the last one that came through, last October/November, I saw it...yeah, yeah. I'm a KISS nerd, dude, I still go to that show like a little kid, it's so hot today that I took it off, but I had on my KISS "Destroyer" t-shirt, but yeah, I still collect all the KISS stuff, I go to Spencer's & anything cool they have there, I get it all! They are still taking my money, Gene Simmons.

Rock N Roll Experience: I think they actually put out way too much, some of it was cool but they over did it.

Wednesday 13: Some of it is too much, but some of it is so cool that you cannot turn it down. I have all the blankets, I have the KISS snuggie....

Rock N Roll Experience: I saw the Bourbon Crowe tour when it played Baltimore & there was nobody there, how was that tour?

Wednesday 13: (laughs) "The thing was, I wasn't expecting anything to come out of that really, first off, going out on tour with Bourbon Crowe was like, All right, this is actually happening? But uhm, no, Baltimore & New Jersey were kinda lame & I guess no one knew about it but then after that show in Baltimore we went to Cleveland & everything was great, so it was kinda like we started off in a rut on the first couple of shows & then it got good. I think we kinda figured out what to do after that point too & that was NOT to get drunk before we played, it was to get drunk AS you play, so that was part of our problem. That was actually a really fun tour with those guys, not having to dress up, setting on stools & playing was actually a total change of pace so it was cool & we'll end up doing it again at some point later on down the road & try to get to good places like in West Virginia, there's videos I have of that show & it was f**kin insane, everyone was completely hammered & the place was packed so it was great. We had like death metal bands opening up for us too." (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: Tell me about the new Murderdolls record coming out.

Wednesday 13: "It's finally coming out in 3 weeks & I have been like a caged tiger on this tour because I have been doing nothing but press all day so I am f**king bored out of my mind! It's great man, everything is cool, this is our new record in 8 years & we just put every ounce of what we had left in us on this record & it turned out better than I could have ever imagined because we went in with a thought of what we thought it was going to turn out like & like 3 days into it it took a totally different turn & it just kinda started to write itself so it has alot of elements of the first record on it, but we like to consider this almost like the...we've been saying this is like our first album because Joey says the first record is like a glorified demo. The First record was great & we loved the first record, but this is the first time we actually got to set down & write songs & sit infront of each other instead of just taking our old songs & rework them...these were brand new songs & we even wrote 3 or 4 in the studio that were just fresh off the top, so that's what made it really, really cool & a different vibe this time around."

Rock N Roll Experience: You also got Mick Mars from Motley on the new record too!

Wednesday 13: "Yeah...that didn't suck! That was a thing that wasn't planned at all, we didn't have anything planned for a guest or anything, Joey & I just finished working on a song & we had everything done except for the guitar solo & we were having dinner & I just said, "Yeah, this song has a Mick Mars vibe to it." & we would always use different guitar player & go, alright, this song definitely has an Ace Frehley kinda vibe to it, or this has a Mick Mars vibe to it, or this has a Dimebag kinda feel to it, so we'd add guitars that sounded like that to the record & we always referred to different kinda guys like that so I said that I heard more of a Mick Mars kinda vibe on that & our tour manager was like, "Well, he lives just down the street, why don't you call him & he can play on it." & I was like, I don't know Mick, & he was like, "Well I work for him so I'll call him." & he goes out & smokes a cigarette & comes back in & goes, "He'll be here in 2 days." so Mick came in 2 days later & spent 6 or 7 hours more or less just goofing off & hanging out & he just tracked a bunch of stuff & it was great. Mick plays on "Drug Me To Hell" & "Blood Stained Valentine" & it's great having his sound on there & it's really cool...we've always considered him to be the villain of rock & it's the only reason I even dyed my hair black back in the day...everyone always went, "Oh, it's Marilyn Manson!" was Mick Mars, he was always the cool guy in Motley...he was Cousin It, He was the scary guy, so he was always my favorite guy."

Rock N Roll Experience: What kind of shape was Mick in when he played on the new Murderdolls record...on the last Motley tour he seemed fragile.

Wednesday 13: "I'm sure he's still fragile, he came in with jokes galore, he came in wearing 4 inch platform boots & I thought that was amazing so I would say he's doing pretty awesome...he had his girlfriend carrying his guitar for him..that was awesome!"

Rock N Roll Experience: There's nothing wrong with that, how do you find a girlfriend who will carry your guitar? (laughs)

Wednesday 13: He did!

Rock N Roll Experience: I have to ask, when the first Murderdolls record came out, didn't it piss you off that most of the music was your old bands material, Frankenstein Drag Queens, yet you had to give writing credit to Murderdolls for those songs.

Wednesday 13: Well, there wasn't even a band in the beginning, it was only me & Joey in the first place

Rock N Roll Experience: What about Tripp Eisen?

Wednesday 13: "Tripp was barely there, he did a photo shoot & he came in one day & did solo's on that record so he wasn't a part of the writing process or anything & this is the way it was written because Joey & I did mix alot of things together & change lyrics & things like that so it never made me mad, if anything it made me happy that people could actually hear those songs because I spent years playing in bars every weekend in front of what you kinda described the Bourbon Crowe crowd as, every weekend of my life since I was 15 years old so to actually go out & play infront of 20,000 people & play those songs did not suck! I think people read into it a little more than they....Oh, you had to can read what you read on a piece of paper but it doesn't mean that's what it is."

Rock N Roll Experience: How come you didn't bring back the last line up of the Murderdolls for the new record?

Wednesday 13: Alot of people didn't realize that the way this band was out together, we never played together in a room before we did the video or did the photos, the band was put together through phone calls, we didn't know each other, we were complete strangers & it was basically like, ok, we are going to rehearse for a week, then get on a bus & go on tour for a year and you're also going to have a whole group of crew guys that you won't know either, so go on tour & learn how to be a band and get do you think that worked out? It did work but it was very dysfunctional & that's how we worked pretty much the whole time & it was people screaming at each other all the time & not to air dirty laundry or anything but it was one of those things & it worked then, and you flash forward now 8 years later or 7 years later since we toured & Joey & I didn't wanna go back & do that same kinda touring or living that way & having people who really didn't like each other in the band, so we needed fresh blood & we are more focused on what we wanna do now & taking nothing away from the old line up on that tour with those guys, but this time we just wanted to do something new.

Rock N Roll Experience: Will you still continue as Wednesday 13 the solo artist?

Wednesday 13: We'll find out (laughs) I mean, the thing was, I never intentionally wanted to be a solo guy, that was the last thing I wanted to do, I always thought that sounded cock & goofy to me, but the only reason I did it was because when Murderdolls went on hiatus in 2003 we were told 6 - 8 months you'll be recording again & you'll be on tour so I was like, alright, so I didn't really do anything for 6 or 8 months & then it was like, Oh, Slipknot will be touring for 2 years, so I was like, I don't wanna go work at K-Mart again!

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you mean again, did you work at K-Mart at one point?

Wednesday 13: Yeah, I worked there for 3 years

Rock N Roll Experience: While you were still doing music?

Wednesday 13: Yeah...when I was doing the Frankenstein Drag Queens. I did that for like 3 years & I worked at Hot Topic & K-Mart at the same time because I didn't make enough money & I had to pay for my kid & shit so I was a hard worker. (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: How old is your kid now?

Wednesday 13: She is 12 going on 25.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is she a fan of your music?

Wednesday 13: I don't know, she still thinks I'm a goofball. She had more piercings than I do & her hair is like 25 different colors but she rules, she is a really cool kid & I finally got to see her a few days ago when we were in North Carolina so that was awesome.

Rock N Roll Experience: Does your daughter live with you when your not on the road?

Wednesday 13: No, she lives in North Carolina with her mother.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you taking your daughter on the road at some point?

Wednesday 13: "No, probably not...maybe later, but she still doesn't care about it, if I'm in the area she will come to the show, but she still thinks Dad is a dork.... but when they get older they start to realize stuff, she's starting to realize it a little more, she'll go to school & her friends will say, "I Know your Dad's band!" & she'll go, Oh really, cool. & she'll start seeing that kinda side of it.

Rock N Roll Experience: You lucked out that Dizzy stopped singing because you technically took his spot as singer in the Murderdolls

Wednesday 13: (laughs) "That was a weird thing, I came in playing bass & the next thing you know I'm the singer. That guy was really cool about it, he's been a friend ever since & everytime I go through wherever he is at he's always been really cool & supportive & has never said a bad thing about me so I thought that was really cool of him."

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever wear hair extensions or have fake hair?

Wednesday 13: "Yes, yes." Rock N Roll Experience: So why did you change your hair style so drastically.

Wednesday 13: "Because I had dreadlocks for 11 years & I'm over it and it was just something I needed to change & I relied on my hair too much as a prop onstage & once I cut it off it changed my whole view on how I perform & stuff on stage & basically it was like a security blanket & I got rid of it & now I don't need that anymore so it just kinda got old & I started to see people in the crowd doing the exact same thing & I had to change it up was just something I needed to do for myself.


Author: Bob Suehs