Aug 9, 2016

Volbeat - Pier Six

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August 9, 2016

Pier Six

Baltimore, MD

 Volbeat set list:  The Devil’s Bleeding Crown, Heaven no Hell, A Warrior’s Call, I Only Want To Be With You, Sad Man’s Tongue, Lola Montez, The Gates of Babylon, Dead But Rising, 16 Dollars, Let It Burn, Radio Girl, Hallelujah Goat, Goodbye Forever, The Mirror and the Ripper, ENCORE:  Black Rose, Guitar Gangsters, Seal The Deal, Still Counting


 Formed in 2001 by Singer/Guitarist Michael Poulsen, Swedish rock phenom’s Volbeat have taken the rock world by storm with their heavy metal meets rockabilly fusion.  The band are known for their high energy performance(s), tight rhythm, and guitar grooves.  

 Through the years Volbeat have evolved to become what they are today; a fashionable rock band that’s spawned countless hits, earned a fanbase of millions, and toured the world over.

 “Seal the Deal…” is the bands latest release and their Baltimore tour stop was a true rock n roll experience!

 Killswitch Engage were direct support for the show and the band clearly brought their own fanbase to this show.  

 A large curtain covered the stage and Motorhead’s “Born To Raise Hell” was used as the intro.  Michael and the boys took the stage like true rock stars and their stage set up was pure arena rock with lights, lasers, and smoke!

 The best way to describe the sound mix is that it was loud as hell yet clear and precise!  The band sounded amazing despite the extreme volume.

 It was pure genius to open with the bands current single from their most recent release, “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” and from that point on the crowd would remain on their feet, yelling and screaming every single word to almost every single song!

 Michael invited all of the ladies in the venue onstage to dance at one point in the set and during the last song of the night he invited all the children in the venue onstage for “Still Counting”.  The funniest moment in the set was when a female fan intentionally messed up Michael’s hair; he was clearly a tad upset!

 Towards the middle of the set Michael pulled his in ear monitors out so he could hear the crowd.  When he pulled the monitors out he joked that he had to put them back in ASAP because he might get fired from AC/DC if he didn’t.  This led to a mini cover of “Back in Black”, then Poulsen joked that he had to seriously put the monitors back in his ears because Volbeat might fire him if he lost his hearing!  This was all said in jest, and on this night the entire band were clearly having fun, smiling, and enjoying their interaction with each other and the crowd.

 The evening ended around 10:30 PM and I give Volbeat props for becoming a true arena rock band in an era where most bands never evolve to that point.

Author: Bob Suehs