Aug 13, 2016

The Bronx - Ottobar

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August 13, 2016


Baltimore, MD

 The Bronx set list:  Heart Attack American, Mouth Money, Rape Zombie I Got Chills, Shitty Future, Unholy Hand, White Tar, Two Many Devils, Pilot Light, Knife Man, 6 Days A Week, White Guilt, Youth Wasted, Strobe Life, False Alarm/TWKUA, History’s Stranglers


 California based The Bronx formed in 2002 and earned a solid reputation as a kick ass hard rock/punk band through constant touring and memorable performances.

 Gateway to Hell opened the show and their set was just as intense as it was loud!  Thick distortion and gritty vocals are the formula that Gateway to Hell specialize in.

 The Bronx performed to a nearly sold out Ottobar crowd and featured lead singer Matt Caughthran performing the entire set in the mosh pit while fans slammed into him during the entire set.

 Joby and the boys rocked hard onstage but the reality was that most fans watched Matt in the mosh pit and ignored the band playing onstage.

 The Bronx featured a new drummer for this tour and he did a great job of holding the music together while Joby, Ken, and Brad made their noise.

 This particular show is best described as a hard core spectacular where the band and the fans were one.  There was no rock star attitude, the music had street cred, the fans showed the band love, and the band gave the crowd everything they had.

Author: Bob Suehs