Aug 26, 2016

Beastmaker / Monolord - The Wind Up Space

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August 26, 2016

The Wind Up Space

Baltimore, MD

 The Wind Up Space is a tiny club with a cool vibe, strong sound system, and a large bar.  The unfortunate part is where the club is located; in the heart of the ghetto with extremely limited street parking!

 Foghound were onstage while I conducted my interview with Beastmaker singer/guitarist Trevor but what I did hear of the Foghound set sounded great!

 Sweat Lodge are a Texas based Sludge/Doom metal band and their sound had a distinctive “Texas” vibe to it.  Tossed in their set was an ode to their hometown via an obscure ZZ Top cover which the crowd loved.

 Beastmaker are direct support for Monolord on this tour and if I’m being honest with you, Beastmaker stole the show on this night.  Filled with strobe lights, smoke, and distortion, Beastmaker’s set was an all out assault to the senses which you could not ignore!

 Trevor’s guitar tone is thick and filled with doom styled chops that pay homage to Tony Iommi and all of the great doom metal pioneers that layed down the foundation for this down tuned, chunky styled metal.  

 Liquid Metal on Sirius XM have had “Mask of Satan” in steady rotation and it’s helped the band build a steady following.  Beastmaker have been a band for just over 2 years and this is their first US tour.  Trevor told me they would be back through the East Coast in 2017 when their 2nd record was released and I guarantee you they have earned a lot of new fans on this tour.

 Monolord are a Swedish doom metal export and their style is atmospheric, introspective, and artsy.  The music of Monolord is best described as an empty canvas of extreme aggression that’s layered in emotional distortion.

 Beastmaker are a hard act to follow and comparing Monolord to Beastmaker is an unfair comparison because Beastmaker are a “rock band” whereas Monolord are straight up atmospheric doom with limited vocals.  To be honest, Beastmaker were the best band of the night because their music was stronger, their stage presence was visual, and their tone was cleaner than the others on this bill.  I am in no way knocking the other acts on this bill, every band brought their own style, their own attitude, and their own sound.

Author: Bob Suehs