Sep 17, 2016

AC/DC - Verizon Center

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September 17, 2016

Verizon Center

Washington, DC

 AC/DC Set List:  Rock or Bust, Shoot To Thrill, Hell Ain’t a Bad Place To Be, Back In Black, Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Rock n Roll Damnation, Thunderstruck, High Voltage, Rock N Roll Train, Hells Bells, Given The Dog A Bone, If You Want Blood, Live Wire, Sin City, You Shook Me All Night Long, Shot Down In Flames, Have A Drink On Me, TNT, Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock, Angus Solo, ENCORE:  Highway to Hell, Riff Raff, For Those About To Rock

 Axl Rose singing lead vocals for AC/DC?!?  Everyone contemplated what a train wreck this tour would be without Brian Johnson on vocals and asked how would it possibly work?  To be honest with you, when the Axl fronted AC/DC performed in Washington, DC on Saturday, September 17, 2016, the show was an absolutely amazing night of classic rock!

 Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown opened the show but the big problem with their set was the start time.  The Verizon Center web site listed the show start time at 8 PM but Tyler Bryant’s set started closer to 7:30 PM which caused many fans to miss the bulk of their high energy set.

 AC/DC utilized a cat walk which allowed Axl and Angus to walk deep into the crowd and give those fans further from the stage a closer view.  This concert was clearly the Angus Young show and it was interesting to witness Axl step aside to clear the stage so Angus could do his “thing” and represent the AC/DC brand.

 AC/DC opened their set with a short movie which led into “Rock or Bust”. This set the pace for a show that was non-stop rock n roll from start till finish.

 Axl handled the Bon Scott era material quite well and did a great job of honoring the classic tracks while also adding his own style to each song.

 Not one single fan in attendance complained about Axl’s performance and in all honesty he IS the perfect replacement for Brian Johnson.  Axl controls the stage, he has a presence, personallity, and is a bonafide rockstar in his one right.

 “Sin City” was the one song where Axl shined the brightest and “Riff Raff” was a song Axl clearly owned!

 Angus has an amazing amount of energy for a man his age and ran around the stage as if he was a toddler on a sugar buzz!  The only sad realization is that only 2 original AC/DC members were onstage and while each song stayed true to it’s original form, this was clearly NOT the classic version of AC/DC most fans fell in love with.

 “Hells Bells” featured the large AC/DC bell ringing above the stage, “Whole Lotta Rosie” featured the large inflatable “Rosie”, and “For Those About To Rock” included 6 canons which fired.

 The crowd was clearly passionate about AC/DC and a large portion sported light up devil horns; some fans went the extra mile and dressed up like Angus!  Witnessing an arena filled with light up devil horn head bands was reminiscent of Disney on Ice because this was not your typical rock show crowd.  This was a crowd of families that came together to enjoy a fun evening of rock n roll!

 The entire evening wrapped up just before 11:30 PM with the closing sounds of cannon fire at the ending of the encore closer, “For Those About To Rock”.  

Author: Bob Suehs