Sep 24, 2016

Cane Hill / Insane Clown Possee - Soundstage

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September 24, 2016


Baltimore, MD

 Cane Hill gained public attention when their debut single, “MGGDA” began receiving airplay on Sirius XM and being a part of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour helped them to reach a new audience as well.

 Cane Hill are a New Orleans based hard rockin’ band with a sound that’s metal mixed with hardcore.  When the band performed at the Maryland Warped Tour stop they were a 5 piece act, but since then they have scaled back to a 4 man band.

 Elijah Witt commented, “This is the rock portion of the show!” and he was not joking! Cane Hill were the only true rock band on the bill and witnessing the Juggalo crowd making heads or tails out of this band was priceless.

 James Barnett handles the guitar duties and he’s a total shredder!  Ryan (bass) and Devin (drums) keep the rhythm tight and form the backbone for what the Cane Hill sound is.

 Elijah Witt is a low key, dapper guy both on and off stage.  His persona is reminiscent of Layne Stayley (Alice in Chains) in the way that he’s not trying to be a rock star, he’s simply doing his job and delivering a high energy rock set to his crowd.

 Cane Hill’s set was just barely 30 minutes long and once they finished up it meant the rock portion of the night was over.

 Several Hip Hop acts took the stage after Cane Hill and the nights featured presentation was Insane Clown Possee.  

 A large tractor trailer was parked directly in front of the venue and most people assumed it was for the bands gear; the large tractor trailer was actually filled end to end with Diet Faygo soda which ICP spray by the gallons on their adoring fans.

Author: Bob Suehs