Sep 30, 2016

Violent Femmes - Rams Head Live

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September 30, 2016

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

 Rams Head Live has recently renovated itself and upon entering the venue on this night the 3 most notable changes were:

1.  The venue now has airport styled metal detectors which you must walk through to enter the venue.

2.  The entire club has been painted black/dark purple which gives the venue a much darker appearance.  My first impression was that the all black motif was reminiscent of the old club Sonar which was located a few blocks down the street.

3.  Walking in the front door of Rams Head you used to immediately run into a big bar which covered a large portion of the floor.  The BIG bar no longer exists.  That area is now open for fans to view the show(s) from; the main bar is now against the back wall and much smaller in size.

 It’s impressive that a band like Violent Femmes can still sell out an entire tour in 2016 because their fanbase is still pure indie and the band itself never had large amounts of commercial success outside of “Blister in the Sun”.

 Gordon Gano is a man with a purpose; he strums his guitar in sync with Brian Ritchie’s bass lines to create a strong coffee shop styled rock which relies more on the bass line and vocals than it does on the guitar tone.

 Gordon’s vocals are not the stereo typical rock type; instead of angst and aggression he offers poetry and passion.

 Brian’s bass runs are what creates the “sound” of the Violent Femmes and watching him play you realize how flavorful his playing truly is.

 Drummer John Sparrow’s claim to fame is that he utilizes a charcoal grill as an asset to his onstage drum kit.  The only other band to feature an onstage grill is Mac Sabbath!

 The crowd was entertaining to watch as they danced, sang, and enjoyed the docile tones of the Femmes.  It was inspiring to witness the crowd participation during the show; there was no violence just love for the music.

 The show ended at 10:50 PM and every concert goer left the show with an enthusiastic smile because they had just experienced an amazing evening.

Author: Bob Suehs