Oct 1, 2016

Brujeria / Cattle Decapitation - Soundstage

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October 1, 2016


Baltimore, MD

 Opening night of the Cattle Decapitation / Brujeria tour went off without a hitch and the crowd that showed up was just as diverse as the artists on the bill.

 Cattle Decapitation delivered a blistering set of devious death metal which the crowd loved.  A large mosh pit was active for most of the bands set and the star of their show was clearly the bands drummer because he’s a animal behind the drum kit and his intensity is set to extreme!

 The best sound mix for Cattle Decapitation was heard from the back of the venue.  Up close the live mix was so loud that it was muffled; stepping back a few feet from the stage you could hear the distinctive twin guitar attack and a clearer overall mix for the vocals.

 As fast as Cattle Decapitation took the stage, their set ended in under an hour then the stage was cleared for the Mexican Cartel in Brujeria.

 The current version of Brujeria features Nicholas Barker (Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir) on drums and Shane Embury (Napalm Death) on bass.  Brujeria is Spanish for “Witchcraft” and the underlying themes for this show were “F*ck Donald Trump” and “Smoke Weed”.

 At one point during the Brujeria set a man wearing a Donald Trump mask took the stage and the crowd began chanting “F*ck Donald Trump” and the Trump character was promptly kicked off the stage.  The video clip in this review shows that moment.

 Brujeria ended their set with a cover of “Macarena” which was changed to “Marijuana” and for the duration of the show all members of Brujeria remained in character and kept the “Mexican Drug Dealer” persona going.

 This show was an interesting experience because every band offered a different style of metal which gave the crowd an off the wall mix of hard music.

Author: Bob Suehs