Oct 15, 2016

Dope / Flaw - Fish Head Cantina

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October 15, 2016

Fish Head Cantina

Baltimore, MD

 Dope Set List:  Violence, Debonair, Everything Sux, Pig Society, Spin Me Round, Best Shot, Now or Never/What About, Stop, Bitch, Bring It On, Motivation, Survive, No Way Out, Addiction, Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover), Die MF Die, I’m Back, Sick, Burn, F.T.P.

 Dope’s classic line up (Acey/Edsel/Virus/Racci) decided to do a  reunion tour in 2016 and they made a stop in Maryland on October 15, 2016.  It was refreshing to witness the classic line up rip through older tracks as if time had stood still and they had never gone their separate ways!

 Flaw opened the show; their set was short and to the point.  Sound wise, Flaw are like Disturbed meets Breaking Benjamin.  The bands singer wore sunglasses all night and explained to the crowd that the reason he was wearing shades was because he went into the mosh pit the night prior and got his ass kicked!  He displayed his lovely black eye for all to see, then promptly placed his sunglasses back on.

 Dope’s set opened with the intro theme to “The Soprano’s” which bled into “Violence”.  Dope’s stage set up utilized digital video screens which flashed lyrics, graphics, and added an “arena rock” feel to the tiny Fish Head stage.

 Edsel hasn’t changed a bit since the bands formation with the exception of his dreads being gone in favor of straight, long black hair.

 Virus is a tiny powerhouse onstage and his attitude is amplified by his guitar playing which is both flashy and straight forward.

 Acey on bass adds an element of glam, gutter, and street cred to Dope.  Acey is a member of The Misfits, was a member of Joan Jett’s band, and has actually gone much further after leaving Dope.  

 Racci is a beast on drums and the glue that holds the bands live performance together.

 This was hands down one of the tightest Dope performances Maryland has ever seen.  The band sounded amazing, they delivered a killer set, the set list was perfect, and Edsel promised the crowd that they would return once their new record was released.

Author: Bob Suehs