Oct 28, 2016

Motley Crue, Iggy Pop

Category: CD/Video Reviews



“The End - Live in Los Angeles”


 Motley Crue officially called it a day on December 31, 2015 and what better way to end a successful rune than to offer if for sale as a “Product”.  When an artist tells their fans they are performing one last show it’s a given that the die hards will clamor to said event for one last stare at their idol.  Motley’s last hurrah was a somber event and captured the Crue performing a best of set list which covered almost every era of the band quite nicely.

 Motley Crue gradually declined over the years and their high point was clearly the “Dr. Feelgood” era.  This career ending concert sounds/looks amazing and captures the essence of this concert tour quite well.  

 The Tommy drum solo has a major flub when the coaster stalled midway through his solo and in all honesty it’s not a bad thing because Tommy’s drum solo was nothing more than a glorified bathroom break. Tommy’s solo segways into the Mick Mars guitar solo and this is where you begin to understand WHY Motley are done.

 Mick Mars guitar solo is an indication of Mars current health and displays why Motley needed to end at this point.  Mick’s ability has dwindled to the point where his solo is nothing more than pedals and amplified noise to cover up his limited skills at this point.

 “Don’t Go Away Mad”, “Shout at the Devil”, and “Primal Scream” are the high points of this video and for the die hard Motley fans this is a bitter suite send off for Mick, Vince, Nikki, and Tommy.  

 The accompanying audio cd does not contain the drum/guitar solo which was a wise move.





“Post Pop Depression - Live at the Royal Albert Hall”


 Iggy Pop with Queens of the Stone Age as his backing band; this is a match made in punk rock heaven!

 This dvd/cd combo documents what’s being billed as “Iggy’s last record” and displays Iggy and the Queens in all their glory.

 Captured live on May 13th, 2016 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, this concert explains why Queens of the Stone Age are/were the ultimate backing band for Iggy. When it was announced that Iggy was making a record with Josh Homme there was no doubt in most rock fans minds that it would be an instant classic.

 The shocker was when Iggy announced a small tour in support of said record; tour dates sold out almost immediately thus confirming the amazing fan reaction to this project.

 This cd/dvd set is an awesome souvenir of this collaboration and features Iggy Pop classics like “Chine Girl” and “Lust For Life” alongside the bulk of the “Post Pop Depression” record.



Scattered Hamlet

“Swamp Rebel Machine”

 Scattered Hamlet’s latest release is a whiskey soaked rollercoaster ride of rock n roll riffs played at 11!  Musically the band performs a style of rock that’s blues based with aggressive tones and style.  

 “Battle Hymn” sets for the pace and for the most part every song on this record remains hard and punchy.  There’s a “southern” vibe throughout the record and if you like your rock old school, hard, and to the point, this is a band you need to check out!

Author: Bob Suehs