Nov 10, 2016

Reel Big Fish - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland


 Reel Big Fish Set List:  I Want Your Girlfriend, Your Guts, Kids Don't Like It, In The Pit, FU, Sell Out, Trendy, Join the Club, She Has a Girlfriend, Snoop Dogg, 241, Everything Sucks, SR, Skatanic, All I Want Is More, Nothin', Say Ten, I'll Never Be, Alternative Baby, Impression That I Get, Beer, ENCORE: I'm Cool, Asshole, Where U Been, Take On Me

 Aaron Barrett is the iconic frontman for ska-punk pioneers Reel Big Fish.  Aaron has an onstage presence which creates the visual side to what Reel Big Fish are in concert.  Ska-Elvis meets Rick Nielsen is an accurate description of the man.

 Reel Big Fish celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Turn The Radio Off” by performing the record in it’s entirety on their current tour which meant the set would be filled with classic RBF material along with a few rare deep cuts.

 Baltimore Soundstage was packed with adoring ska hounds and the show was almost completely sold out which made walking around the venue just a tad complicated on this night.

 Reel Big Fish always deliver a high energy show and their sound on this night was absolutely amazing!  The band were clearly having the time of their lives, the crowd was equally excited, and the music performed onstage sounded flawless; this was the prime example of how a rock show SHOULD be!

 “The Impression That I Get” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones was performed as a joke.  Aaron quipped that they had to perform their biggest hit and went into a partial cover of the Bosstones classic, then stopped after the first chorus to joke with the crowd that it was not actually their song.

 Midway through the set there was a small death metal tribute and what you can’t ignore at a a Reel Big Fish performance is the bands constant joking and cynical humor.  Aaron jokes constantly and the bands songs reflect that quite well.

 “Take on Me” by A-ha was the show closer and the perfect way to end an amazing night of music.

Author: Bob Suehs