Nov 18, 2016

The Pretty Reckless, Holy White Hounds - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

 Holy White Hounds frontman Brenton Dean asked the Baltimore crowd, “Is it ok if I shit in the urinal?” and the crowd reaction to that question explained the crowd quite well.  This was clearly a Pretty Reckless crowd and the opening bands received a minimal amount of love from the audience.

 Them Evils opened the show and they are a 3 piece rock n roll powerhouse with an old school sound.  Tossed in their set were AC/DC and Motorhead covers which clearly indicated who the band cites as influences.  Musically speaking, Them Evils are straight up, old school hard rock and they sounded amazing.  

 Holy White Hounds played in the middle spot on the bill and their overall vibe was what set them apart from the other bands on this night.  Brenton Dean is a quirky frontman who’s dry humor is often panned over because the audience seems stunned with his direct approach onstage.  

 Holy White Hounds sounded great and they worked the Rams Head Live stage quite well.  The bands debut release “Sparkle Sparkle” was released on May 6, 2016 and they’ve remained on the road for most of 2016.  The band will close out 2016 by opening for The Struts once their stint opening for The Pretty Reckless is over.

 “Switchblade” closed the Holy White Hounds set and to their credit they brought a high energy rock set to the stage.  Most of the crowd were a little unsure of what they had just witnessed but from a musical standpoint Holy White Hounds brought their a-game to the stage!

 The Pretty Reckless is Taylor Momsen; Taylor Momsen is The Pretty Reckless; no matter how you say it, Taylor Momsen was the star of this night and her presence was felt almost immediately once she took the stage.  

 Taylor has grown as a singer yet still lacks the swagger of a “real” front person.  Her vocals were spot on but her stage presence fell just a tad flat.  Taylor comes off shy and doesn't necessarily command attention outside of her looks while onstage.

 The band members of The Pretty Reckless are the glue that hold the band together.  They are solid performers and the only lackluster moment of the set was the drum solo which did very little to impress the crowd.

 “F**ked Up World” was the show closer and the sold out Rams Head Live crowd clearly enjoyed every moment of The Pretty Reckless.

Author: Bob Suehs