Nov 20, 2016

The Living End - Ottobar

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Baltimore, Maryland



The Living End formed in 1994 and their breakout hit “Prisoner of Society” captured the attention of the US market.  The US fans lost out on a large portion of the bands career due in part to their homebase being Australia.

 Guitarist/Singer Chris Cheney commented to the Baltimore crowd, “I bet you guys thought we just disappeared?  Well we didn’t, we were just on the opposite side of the world!”.

 Cheney is a rockabilly punker with his large, white, hollow body Gretch guitar and rambunctious attitude.  Bassist Scott Owen plays an upright bass which gives the band it’s Stray Cats styled swagger, and drummer Andy Strachan keeps the pulse of the band consistent.  The Living End are an amazing band with a live show that compliments their superb musicianship.

 The Living End took a decade long hiatus from visiting the Maryland area and the Baltimore crowd showed their love for the Aussie rockers by packing the Ottobar on this cold Sunday evening.

 Cheney was sweating profusely onstage and at one point he was sweating so bad that he tossed his guitar pick down and wiped his face and hands furiously in an effort to dry off.  

 Various mishaps took place on this night which included Cheney’s mic dying a few songs into the set as did Andy’s.  Eventually the only live mic onstage was Cheney’s which limited the backing vocals from Scott and Owen drastically.  Interestingly enough though, the crowd sang all the backing parts so loud that you couldn’t tell the bass/drum vocal microphones were out.  

Another fun moment in the set was when a rambunctious fan screamed out “Play Stranded!” to which Cheney replied, “That’s not one of our songs!”  Cheney told the fan that he had no recollection of writing a song called “Stranded” and that if she could prove it was one of their songs they would try to perform it.  As it turned out, the fan was wrong and the band made a joke of it.  Cheney later commented that this was the 2nd to last show of the tour and it was the show were everything went wrong.

 Despite a few technical issues with mic’s, The Living End sounded amazing and delivered a strong performance. 

Author: Bob Suehs