Dec 16, 2016

The Struts / Holy White Hounds - TLA

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


 Holy White Hounds Set List:  Cheap Desire, Ghost Arm, Switchblade, In Your Skin, Blind, Catmondu

 The Struts Set List:  Put Your Hands Up, These Times are Changing, Could Have Been Me, Matter of Time, Kiss This, Mary Go Round, I Just Know/Roll Up, Dirty Sexy Money, Let’s Make This Happen Tonight, Put Your Money on Me, Only Just A Call Away, ENCORE:  Rebel Rebel (Bowie Cover), Where Did She Go

 The TLA in Philly is nestled in the heart of South Street and sandwiched between cozy diners, sex shops, and several tattoo parlors.  The Struts and Holy White Hounds sold out the TLA in a relatively short amount of time and on the night of the show this standing room only crowd were ready to rock!

 This was the 2nd to last show of this tour and the bands were a bit teary eyed at the prospect of this tour ending in 24 hours.

 Holy White Hounds took the stage with a cover that very few people knew entitled “Cheap Desire”.  Singer/guitarist Brenton Dean wore a hood on his head for most of the bands short set and the his trademark sense of humor went almost unnoticed at times due in part to his deadpan delivery.  Holy White Hounds have fun onstage and their random jokes are what make them so quirky live.

 “Blind” is the latest single from Holy White Hounds and it’s catchy hooks caught the crowds attention.  The only problem with Holy White Hounds set was the length; their set could have been a bit longer.

 The Struts have taken America by storm since the release of their debut record, “Everybody Wants” released in 2014.  Active Rock Radio has helped The Struts with steady airplay while constant touring has earned the band a large fanbase. 

 Luke and the boys delivered a giant slab of glitter soaked rock to the Philly crowd and as an added the bonus the band tossed in a cover of “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie as part of the encore.

 This show offered an eclectic mix of alt rock and 70’s glam.  Is rock n roll dead in 2016?  Hell no!  Rock N Roll is still alive, people still support this genre, and The Struts and Holy White Hounds are carrying the torch of rock for the next generation.

Author: Bob Suehs