Jan 7, 2017

Protest the Hero, Start The Scene

Category: CD/Video Reviews




 Canadian based Sunday Morning are an eclectic group of musicians; their style is one part Lou Reed, 2 parts David Bowie/Iggy Pop.  The essence of this record is an artful soul with a passion for darkness.

 “Come The Rain” starts this record with a somber, mellow tone but don’t let that song fool you, this record changes pace with every track.

 Moody, dramatic, poppy at times, with a distinct love for all things 70’s, Sunday Morning have a very solid record for true music lovers to digest.



“Pacific Myth EP”

 Solid breakdowns, intense leads, and clean vocals; the latest release from Protest the Hero is a solid, kick ass record that stands up to all current modern metal in 2017!

 This 6 song EP is not a fast listen, most tracks are in the 5-6 minute range.

 In terms of the bands overall approach for this record; they created a strong record that captures the bands essence while mixing Coheed and Cambria styled elements with post hardcore roots.

 “Cataract” is one of the strongest tracks from this release and it’s easy to draw comparisons to Dream Theatre due in part to the extended prog moments which flavor this EP so tastefully.




“Strike The Queen” video

 Maryland based Post Hardcore act Start The Scene have a new single/video available to fans entitled “Strike The Queen”.

 Musically the band blends clean vocals with screamo/growl vocals and they do that with 2 vocalists who balance out the sound quite well.

 The song is very commercial, fits well with the current heavy musical landscape, and the band are currently gearing up to do live shows.  Catch Start The Scene February 4, 2017 for their big comeback show at Baltimore Soundstage; it will be a fun night of rock n roll craziness.

Author: Bob Suehs