Jan 18, 2017

Wednesday 13 - Sidebar Baltimore

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Baltimore, Maryland

The Side Bar

 The Distortion laced guitars were laid to rest in favor of mellow acoustics; this evening was Wednesday 13 unplugged!

 The last time Wednesday 13 performed in Baltimore it was with his side project Bourbon Crow and the crowd was non existent.  Wednesday joked that the show was an absolute disaster and one they didn’t care to remember.

 Wednesday performed 2 sets: one was a career retrospective which covered his solo material, Murderdolls era, and the Frankenstein Drag Queens; Set #2 was Bourbon Crow.

 Wednesday told stories about meeting James Brown, how his daughter Zoie Starr Poole was named after David Bowie, and why Murderdolls never got a fair deal.  In regards to the Murderdolls, Wednesday stated that they were viewed as nothing more than a Slipknot side project and that they had no issue obtaining a record deal.  They received no label support because the songs were not commercial and when the band opened for Iron Maiden in the UK they were greeted by angry fans flipping them the bird throughout their entire set.

 Wednesday admitted that he was proud of the 2nd Murderdolls record because it was the first time he went into the studio with Joey to create an all original record.  The end result was something unique.

 At one point Wednesday performed impromptu covers from Ace of Base, Guns N Roses, and the theme from Ghostbusters.

 Wednesday told the crowd that his new record “Condolences” would be released in 2017 with an extensive tour to follow.  

 “I Love To Say Fuck” was set up with a story about how the song was written.  Wednesday was working the 3rd shift at K-mart and would routinely bring his guitar to work.  He decided one evening to set up shop in the women's bathroom and write/perform “I Love To Say Fuck” for his fellow co-worker.  This song was the end of the “Wednesday 13” set and after a 20 minute intermission the Bourbon Crow set began.

 Rayen Belchere took the stage with Wednesday for an hour long set of Southern Fried Shock Rock with themes of Whiskey, Women, and Horror.

 Rayen told random stories alongside Wednesday; they shared a mutual sense of humor which at times flew over the crowds head and “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue was performed randomly in the middle of the set.

 “Alcohol is Awesome” was the nights closer and for a Wednesday night, this show had an impressive turn out.




Author: Bob Suehs