Feb 11, 2017

Shallow Side, Hite

Category: CD/Video Reviews



“One” EP

 The latest offering from Alabama based modern rock act Shallow Side is a 6 song sampling of what the band has to offer.  Mixed with elements of hard rock, pop, and classic rock, Shallow Side deliver a strong offering of powerful rock music with their latest EP.

 “Renegade” is a STYX classic and the Shallow Side version got a personal stamp of approval from none other than Mr. Tommy Shaw himself who enjoyed the cover.

 High energy, modern tone, raw emotions….this 6 song EP leaves you wanting more.



“Light of a Strange Day”

 Lyrically twisted in a realm of mellow yet enchanting tones, the debut release from Hite is hard to categorize because it’s music is limitless and hard to define.

 Part electronic, part folk, the primary instrument on this record are vocals performed by Julia Easterlin.  Layering sounds to create a sonic landscape is how this record is best explained.

Author: Bob Suehs