Mar 9, 2017

Amaranthe / Citizen Zero - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Amaranthe Set List:  Maximize, Boomerang, Hunger, Invincible, Light Years, Trinity, True, Fury, Endlessly, On The Rocks, Drum Solo, Automatic, The Nexus, Amaranthine, Call Out My Name, Digital, That Song, Dynamite, Drop Dead

 Originating from Gothenburg, Sweden and going by the name “Avalanche”, Amaranthe have come a long way through the 11 years of their existance.

 Currently on their “Maximalism” 2017 World Tour, Amaranthe performed in Baltimore on the 3rd to last date for their US Winter tour.

 Citizen Zero sounded tight and did an excellent job of warming up the crowd. Musically the band blends modern hard rock with classic metal and delivered a style of rock driven by strong guitar riffs, clean vocals, and solid rhythm.

 Failure Anthem looked a tad different on this tour and it was due in part to their fill in vocalist for this tour. 

 Amaranthe took the stage with an intro that mixed “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath with Hip Hop beats.  The entire band took the stage and allowed Elize to make a grand entrance.

 Musically Amaranthe are part dance/pure metal and their 3 vocalist approach creates a unique texture with clean male/female vocals alongside pure aggro male vocals.

 The overall sound mix superb with the vocal channels loud and clear.  Elize’s vocals are what make Amaranthe so unique, her range adds an operatic element to the bands sound and gives it that Symphonic feel at times.

 Olof shreds on guitar and his onstage presence in unmistakable.  Towards the end of the show a fan began heckling bassist Johan Andreassen thus causing him to make a few nasty remarks to said audience member.

 “Drop Dead Cynical” was the song everyone came to see/hear and it was what Amaranthe closed with. When the show was over the crowd was clearly happy with the performance they’d just seen and the band were extremely thankful for those who supported the band by coming to this show.

Author: Bob Suehs