Mar 25, 2017

Dope / Combichrist / September Mourning - Fishhead Cantina

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Baltimore, MD

Fishhead Cantina


 Shock and Rock went hand in hand when 3 of the most animated hard rock bands out there today made a tour stop in Baltimore.

 September Mourning took the stage at 8:20 PM and their 30 minute set was short and to the point.  Originating as a comic book story, September Mourning is the brain child of lead singer Emily Lazar (September) and Marc Silvestri.

 September Mourning’s image is 100% goth meets anime while their music is hard rock with catchy melodic choruses.  The crowd adored September and the only flub in their set was when their large backdrop fell.  The stage was so tiny that no roadies were able to fix the fallen backdrop thus leaving the band to perform with Dope’s gear in the background.

 Combichrist didn’t utilize the extreme body paint on this night and took the stage looking more like a metal band.  The sound was superb, the beats were clear, and the only way I can describe Combichrist’s set is that it was the perfect mix of a rave meets a metal show;  Extreme beats coupled with intense guitars.

 Edsel and the boys in Dope were the headliner and brought an hour long set which focused on the new Dope material.  “You Spin me Round” and “Rebel Yell” were tossed in to appease the casual fans and “Bitch” was one of the oldest song they did in the set. Combichrist singer Andy LaPlegua took the stage during “DIE MF DIE” to sing alongside Edsel.

 Edsel promised the crowd that Dope would return in the Fall and the band closed the night out by thanking the crowd for growing old with them and always supporting the band.

Author: Bob Suehs