Apr 3, 2017

Anthrax / Killswitch Engage - The Fillmore

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Silver Spring, MD

The Fillmore 

 ANTHRAX Set List:

Intro, Among The Living, Caught In A Mosh, Madhouse, Fight ‘em,  I Am The Law, Breathing Lightning, NFL, Evil Twin, March of the SOD, Blood Eagle, Antisocial, Indians

 The Devil Wears Prada are the odd band out on this tour; their style is less metal and more hardcore with heavy keyboards thrown in random parts.  The bands entire set was marred in darkness; subtle strobe flashes would give the audience an occasional glimpse of the men onstage which made their music the center of all attention.  The Devil Wears Prada performed a strong set but were no match for what followed!

 Anthrax have reigned supreme as a Thrash metal titan since their inception in 1981 and earned their place amongst the “Big 4” of Metal. 

 Lead guitarist Jonathan Donais, formerly of Shadow’s Fall, is the perfect fit for Anthrax.  His presence and performance add a new level to the Anthrax live show.

 Anthrax’s intro was the Blues Brothers theme and they opened their set with “Among The Living” which celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in 2017.

 As a band, this is the tightest line up of Anthrax and they have clearly grown as writers, performers, and musicians.  “Breathing Lightning” was a highlight of the set because it’s one of the bands best written songs to date.

 “March of the SOD” was a great segway into “Blood Eagle” because the 2 songs are complete opposites in terms of style yet share the same Drop tuning.

 Joey Belladonna is a superb frontman and his energy level was set to 10; he clearly enjoyed every moment onstage and thanked the crowd constantly between every song.

 “Indians” was the closer and left the crowd wanting more.  Anthrax performed an amazing set and gave Killswitch a run for their money on this night.

 Killswitch Engage took the stage with a minimal set up. Their backdrop was the extent of things with the main focus being the music and Adam’s onstage antics.

 Musically Killswitch sounded strong with a mix that allowed you to hear the vocals clear, chunky guitars, and intense drums/bass. The venue was not 100% sold out but rather close with just a few patrons shy of being sold out.

 The question is, did Killswitch perform a stronger set than Anthrax since they headlined on this night? To be honest with you, both bands brought a high energy show and both bands were equal in terms of their passion and performance.  I would give Anthrax the personal nod as best band of the night, however, that’s based strictly after my bias of preferring Anthrax to KSE.

Author: Bob Suehs