Apr 15, 2017

Through Fire / Donnie Darko

Category: CD/Video Reviews



 Justin McCain was a founding member of the band Emphatic and his latest product is a band called Through Fire.  The band has a polished, modern hard rock sound and their single “Stronger” has garnered critical praise for the band.

 “Jar of Hearts” originally performed by Christina Perri, is covered on this record with a heavy arrangement. 

 Musically this record stands out with well written songs, strong vocals, excellent musical arrangements, and overall good music.

As an added bonus, the cd included several bonus tracks and guitar tab!


Donny Darko - Limited Edition DVD/Blu Ray

 This movie was originally released in a very limited release and the actual home video release was never fully realized until now.  

 15 years after it’s initial release, this version of the movie features deleted scenes, outtakes, documentaries, and loads of added goodies which make it a must have for fans of “Stranger Things”. 

 Starring a creepy bunny named “Frank”, this movie tells the tale of a troubled teen who knows he will die in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds.

Author: Bob Suehs