Apr 18, 2017

LA Guns - 4/21/17

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On April 22, 2016 LA Guns performed at Fish Head Cantina in Maryland.   Phil Lewis said onstage that night “The problem is right now and I’m not going to be a racist about it, but black people are all one dimensional. We need more Prince’s man. We need less fu??ing Rapper’s and more people like Prince.”

 If you click on the above youtube video you can see the words come directly from Phil’s mouth.

 I did not attend the show where Phil spewed those racist remarks, nor did I write an article pertaining to the matter.  Metal Sludge was the site that wrote the article on the incident thus causing the story to go viral.  

 The only person to blame for the entire situation is Phil Lewis, he’s the one who made that idiotic statement in public.  To make matters worse, Phil later released a statement that, “I stand by my words and make no apology for my observations”.  


Phil took it upon himself to send me a few threatening messages via Facebook because he blamed me for the story, when infact, I had nothing to do with it because I wasn’t even at the show nor did I break the story!


Flash forward a year later and LA Guns featuring Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns are booked to play a show at the same venue where Phil uttered those racist remarks.  Having Tracii back in LA Guns made it a show worth checking out so I decided to contact the proper channels to see if I would be allowed to review the show.


LA Guns management as well as their tour manager welcomed me with open arms and the attached screen shots show conversations I had with them.  I was granted a photo pass and ticket to review the show via management until Phil Lewis got wind of the matter and sent me a message stating that “You can f*ck off and if I see you at the show I’ll Have you kicked out.”


I contacted LA Guns management to see what the issue was and I was told was that, “It looks like you are unable to come to the show.”


I will not say anything negative about LA Guns management, they were extremely nice and had no issues with me whatsoever.  Phil is still in denial of his wrong doing and blames me for the situation.  The reality is that no one really knows or cares who Phil Lewis is in 2017 and that’s why the entire situation is laughable. 

Author: Bob Suehs