Apr 24, 2017

Testament / Prong - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

 Testament Set List:  Brotherhood, Rise Up, Pale King, Centuries, Alex Solo, Electric Crown, Into The Pit, Low, Throne of Thorns, Stronghold, Eric Solo, Eyes of Wrath, Drum Solo, First Strike, Bass Solo, Urotsukodoji, Souls of Black, Seven Seals, The New Order, ENCORE:  Practice What You Preach, Over The Wall.

 Tommy Victor is a killing machine when he takes the stage with Prong.  His vocals are gritty and raw; his guitar playing is intense.  Tommy’s guitar tone has influenced everyone from Dimebag to Trent Reznor and his razor sharp delivery is what makes his riffs so lethal.

 “Whose Fist Is This Anyway?”, “Prove You Wrong”, and “Snap Your Fingers” made the crowd move while newer songs like “Cut N Dry”.

 Art Cruz is an amazing addition to the Prong family, his drumming fills every song out and Art’s drumming is not only intense, it’s also flashy.

 Prong set the bar high and to be honest with you they were better than Sepultura on this night.  Sepultura were good and their delivery was excellent; they just lacked the energy that Prong delivered.  “Refuse/Resist” and “Roots” were included in Sepultura’s encore.

 Chuck Billy clearly loves performing onstage and despite his deep dark growls, the man is a big teddy bear who adores his fans.

 Testament destroyed Baltimore with a 2 hour set that included solo’s from each member.  Their set list covered the bands history with a few new songs tossed in.

 Towards the end of the show Chuck told a story about filming videos in Texas and how they would always party with Pantera.  

 Alex Skolnick is a virtuoso on guitar and his solo’s add depth to the chunky rhythms.  Sound wise, Testament were clear and sharp.

 The stage set up included a large drum riser complete with steps for the band members to run up and down on.  The backdrop featured “Brotherhood of the Snake” artwork and for the encore a large “Testament” logo backdrop was used.

 The show ended a little after 11 PM with “Over The Wall” as the last song of the night.



Author: Bob Suehs