Apr 28, 2017

M3 Rock Fest 2017 - Day #1

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M3 Rock Fest - Day #1


Columbia, MD

Merriweather Post Pavilion

 KIX Set List:  Can’t Stop, Sex, The Itch, Midnight Dynamite, Red Lite, Cold Shower, Top Cown, Hot Wire, You’re Gone, Girl Money, Don’t Close Your Eyes, Wheels, Cold Blood, Blow My Fuse, Yeah Yeah Yeah

 Columbia, Maryland once again welcomed with open arms the M3 Rock Festival.  Day Number one featured Loverboy, Winger, Faster Pussycat, and KIX.  

 Walking into the venue you could hear “Cat House” by Faster Pussycat and it was obviously NOT sang by Taime Downe.  Drummer Chad Stewart took over lead vocal duties for the first 3 songs in their set and what’s most interesting about this version of Faster Pussycat is that there were NO original members!  Taime was laid up in the hospital and unable to perform so the band decided to play the show without Taime.  Jason from Dangerous Toys sang “Your So Vain”, Janet from Vixen sang “House of Pain”, and Ted Poley from Danger Danger sang “Bathroom Wall” and “Babylon”.

 Danny sang “Pretty F*cked Up” by Super Suckers and Chad sang an AC/DC song midway through the set.  It was interesting to hear how other vocalist sang Taime’s parts because hearing Janet from Vixen sing “House of Pain” actually gave that song an entirely different feel and updated the overall essence of it.

 The crowd was split with their feelings on the Faster Pussycat set because on one hand the band DID fulfill their obligation to perform, but without Taime Downe it was not Faster Pussycat.

 Winger opened with “Madalaine” and their set was flawless from a musical standpoint.  Kip can still sing, Reb’s solo’s are intense, and the band sounded great.

 Loverboy were the odd band on the bill because they are not a hair metal band and their set ran a tad long and was boring.  Lita Ford and Eddie Trunk introduced Loverboy and the popular trend during Loverboy’s set was to buy a beer and talk in the concourse area.  Loverboy sounded good but they did not go over  as well as Winger did. Loverboy played a good amount of filler in their set; the casual fan knew their hits and that was limited to 3 songs.

 KIX were the headliner and upon taking the stage it was immediately noticeable that something was different about the band.  Lead guitarist Ronnie Younkins was absent from the stage because he is currently in rehab.  Steve Whitman addressed the matter 3 songs into the set and made it clear that the band was not adding a 2nd guitarist out of respect for Ronnie who would be returning to the band once he was better.

 Narrowing the KIX sound down to just one guitar alters the bands overall feel just a bit.  Brian learned Ronnie’s parts and did a good job of filling in the gaps but Ronnie’s presence is clearly missed.

 KIX always slay the M3 crowd on Night #1 and this night was no different.  Their set closed with “Yeah Yeah Yeah” which left the crowd ready and eager for day #2.


Author: Bob Suehs