May 13, 2017

Richie Kotzen - Rams Head Onstage

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Annapolis, MD

Rams Head OnStage

 Richie Kotzen Set List:  End Of Earth, Socialite, Meds, Go Faster, Love Is Blind, Your Entertainer, My Rock, Cannon Ball, Acoustic Set, Drum solo, Fear, Help Me, This Is Life, ENCORE:  Fooled Again

 Pennsylvania born Richie Kotzen is best known for his short stint as the replacement for CC Deville in Poison.  The truth is that Kotzen was too talented to be a member of Poison; his soulful vocals, his amazing shred guitar skills, and his overall musical ability surpass anything that Poison could ever do as a band.

 Richie has a new record for 2017 entitled “Salting Earth” and he performed at Rams Head Onstage on an overcast Saturday evening.

 The show was sold out, the crowd was hungry for good music, and Richie delivered a strong 90 minute set that featured Richie on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano.

 Musically speaking this show reminded me of a 70’s rock show because the style was a mix of blues, hard rock, soul, pop, and straight up rock.  There were elements of jazz, hard rock, r&b, and even country at times.

 Richie embraced the crowd and seemed very thankful that the audience were enjoying the show.  At one point Richie commented that he had a new record out and asked how many people bought it as opposed to downloaded/stole it…he then paused and said that he didn't care how they got it, he just wanted them to enjoy the music.

 The sound was excellent, Richie’s vocals were clear, the guitar tone was perfect, the bass was thick, and the drums had just enough tone to where it had balls without being over powering to the live mix.

 The show started promptly at 8 PM and ended 9:30 PM sharp.


Author: Bob Suehs