May 31, 2017

Okilly Dokilly / Beatallica - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 To truly understand the beauty of Okilly Dokilly you must know The Simpsons cartoon quite well.  The attention to detail is uncanny when it comes to just how far Okilly Dokilly went to recreate the “Ned Flanders Experience” both on and off stage.

 Beatallica opened the show and their set was a fun mix of Metallica music mashed up with Beatles classics.  As you might expect, Beatallica dig deep with their references of both bands and at times the casual fan can easily get lost if you are not schooled in all things Metallica and The Beatles.  “While My Guitar Gently Creeps” was a mash up of “Creeping Death” by Metallica with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles and their best songs of the night.  The bands lead singer looked more like a member of The Bee Gees than a Beatle member and that’s what makes the band so much fun; they are not trying to recreate anything to an exact tee, they are doing it their way with the overall concept of having fun while enjoying iconic music from Metallica and The Beatles.

  Paying attention to detail, on the head stock of Jaymz guitar was written "Yoko Up Your Ass".

 Okilly Dokilly are an Arizona based band and they call their style of music “Nedal” which stands for a Ned Flanders influenced style of metalcore.

 Members of the band line checked their gear while wearing radiation suits just like Homer at the Nuclear plant and Symphonic versions of The Simpsons theme music played in the background while the stage was set up.

 A large broken TV set was used as a mini riser for band members to stand on, a large inflatable donut was tossed into the crowd, a lego styled Ned Flanders mask was used onstage, a RIP MAUDE t-shirt gun was used to shoot out shirts to the crowd, and Head Ned stripped down to a one piece body suit for “Nothing At All”.  The bands attention to detail is amazing and if you know The Simpsons cartoon quite well you will adore this bands tribute to Ned Flanders.

 Dead Ned sported an all pink Gibson SG, Red Ned on Synths was clearly the “Angry Ned”, and Cred Ned on bass was the happy go lucky Ned.  Bled Ned on drums was intense, and Head Ned on vocals was the true definition of Ned Flanders because his demeanor, his inflections, his personality, and overall attitude was 100% Ned Flanders.

 The Bands merch table was called “The Leftorium” which was an ode to Ned’s store which catered to the left handed population.  The amount of merchandise the band had was quite impressive and immediately following their set they hung out to greet the large line of fans that wanted pictures with the band.

 If you are a die hard Simpsons fan you will love this band, they have created something so unique, something so odd, something so cool that you have to experience it to understand how fun it is.

Author: Bob Suehs