Jun 10, 2017

Bush - Power Plant Live

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Baltimore, MD

Power Plant Live!

 Bush Set List:  Zen, Nurse, Chemicals, Sound of Winter, The Gift, Mad Love, Greedy Fly, Beat of Your Heart, People That We Love, Swallowed, Alien, Peace-S, Little Things, ENCORE: Machinehead, The One I Love/Black Hole Sun, Glycerine, Come Down


 Gavin Rossdale is a 90’s rock icon; his chiseled facial features, the cockney accent, and his signature stage moves are what brought created such a huge turn out for this Saturday night show.

 This was the last show of their tour and the band took the stage like a freight train with “Everything Zen” as the set opening number. Gavin and Drummer Robin Goodridge are the only original members left in the band.  Corey Britz on bass is a breath of fresh air, his energy and performance adds a new level to the bands onstage presence while lead guitarist Chris Traynor is the bands secret weapon.  

 “Sound of Winter” sounded amazing as did the bands entire set and what was undeniable during the show was how loud the concert was.  This was one of the loudest shows I’ve ever heard at Power Plant Live.  The show could be heard for several blocks and if you were fortunate enough to get inside you were standing wall to wall in a sea of bodies.  

 Gavin left the stage several times and visited the crowd.  Gavin would sing against the front barricade to lucky fans and during “Little Things” he left the stage and walked through the entire crowd which made the venue security earn their pay.  

 During the bands encore they performed a cover of the R.E.M. classic “The One I Love” which included a small piece of “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden which was a tribute to Chris Cornell.

 “Glycerine” featured Gavin performing solo sans band and the night ended with a moody cover of the bands classic  “Come Down”.


Author: Bob Suehs