Jul 24, 2017

Seether - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Seether Set List:  Stoke The Fire, Gasoline, Truth, Nobody Praying For Me, Rise Above This, Save Today, Country Song, Words as Weapons, Fine Again, Broken, No Jesus Christ, Black Honey (Thrice Cover), Fake It, Let You Down, Remedy

 Seether performed 2 sold out shows in Baltimore on July 24th and 25th, 2017. Night number one was a hot, sticky, sweat stained evening of fans vying for a close spot to see the African based band.

 Lead singer Shaun Morgan took the stage barefoot, bassist Dale Stewart was a constant moving blur, and drummer John Humphrey was hidden behind the drum kit.  A demonic looking Bunny adorned Shaun’s mic stand and that same artwork was also on the bands bass drum head.

 Joining Seether on 2nd guitar for this tour was none of than Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery.  Clint added his own style but was an odd fit for the band.  Lowery was an interesting choice because he felt like the odd man onstage with Seether on this night.

 Seether opened with “Stoke The Fire” and their set was a solid 90 minutes of post grunge rock.  For the most part there were no mellow moments in the set except for the bands token ballad “Broken”.  “No Jesus Christ” was the heaviest moment of the night.

 Soundstage security handed out free bottles of water to all patrons who were up front due to the extreme heat. The crowd was extremely mannerly and there was no mosh pit on this night.

 Seether had a sound mix that was loud and clear.  The vocals were above the music, the bass was punchy, the guitars were thick, and the drums were rich. 

 “Feels So Right That I’ll End This All Before It Gets Me” is a line from the song “Rise Above This” which was written about Seether singer/guitarist Shaun Morgan’s brother who committed suicide by jumping from an eight floor window.  Morgan tattooed “1308 on his right four fingers and  2007 on his left four fingers as a tribute to his brother who died on August 13, 2007.

 “Black Honey” by Thrice has been performed at almost every show on the bands 2017 tour.  Thrice has a rabid underground following and it’s odd for Seether to perform a song that was just released in 2016.  

 “Fake It” was powerful and “Remedy” was the perfect closer for this show.  The venue cleared out rather fast and the smell of heat and sweat covered the concert floor as fans left the front entrance.

Author: Bob Suehs