Aug 17, 2017

Stabbing Westward - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Stabbing Westward Set List:  Drugstore, Falls Apart, So Far Away, ACF, Sometimes It Hurts, Lies, The Thing I Hate, Nothing, What Do I Have To Do?, Violent Mood Swings, ENCORE: Save Yourself, Waking Up Beside You, Shame

(I Am Not Your Saviour, I am Just as F**Ked as You!)

 Formed in 1986 by Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus, Stabbing Westward released 3 studio records and garnered world wide attention in the rock world with their hit single, “What Do I Have To Do?” before dissolving in early 2002.

 Hall went on to form The Dreaming after Stabbing Westward ended and Flakus joined The Dreaming in 2015.

 Stabbing Westward decided to come out of retirement in 2016 for a string of reunion shows which bled into 2017.  The Maryland area was blessed with one of these reunion shows on a Thursday in mid September, 2017.  

 Maryland favorites We Love The Underground opened the show with a 30 minute set that rocked hard.  W.L.T.U. sounded amazing and lead singer Brad Cox led the band to victory by winning over over the crowd.  W.L.T.U. had an impressive merch table which put Stabbing Westward to shame!  

 Stabbing Westward had one shirt for sale and Christopher Hall joked during their set that everyone should come back and say hello to the band and buy a shirt because that’s all they had for sale.

 (The Stabbing Westward Merch Table)


Stabbing Westward took the stage fast and their set was equal  parts electro-dance-rave and hard rock with loud guitars, heavy samples, laser lights, and dance beats.

 Christopher Hall hasn’t aged a single day and still owns the stage after all these years.  Stabbing Westward sounded amazing despite some random sloppiness and forgotten lyrics by Hall.

 Hall commented that he forgot a few lyrics at one point due to a female fan up front who was wearing nothing but chain mail; he said it was hard to concentrate with her in front of him.

 During the song “Nothing” Hall told the crowd that he barely finished the song due in part to his vomitting which he held back just enough to finish the song.  Hall blamed the vomitting on eating too many tacos before the show.

 “What Do I Have To Do?” sounded amazing, “Save Yourself” was one of the set highlights, and “Shame” was the perfect show closer.

 Chris pointed out that one side of the venue was seated and that was where the millennials were because they were all on their phones.  Hall commented that he could remember back in day when there were no cell phones at shows and everyone watched the band perform.

Author: Bob Suehs