Oct 3, 2017

Greta Van Fleet - Ottobar

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Baltimore, Maryland


 Greta Van Fleet Set List:  Talk On The Street, Black Smoke Rising, Edge of Darkness, When The Cold Wind Blows, Flower Power, You’re The One, Evil, Mountain of the Sun, Watching Over, Lover Leaver, Highway Tune, Safari Song

 Rock N Roll Experience brought you an exclusive interview with Greta Van Fleet on May 19th of 2017 just before things took off for GVF.  Within a week of said interview the band’s “Highway Tune” broke active rock radio top 10 with a bullet and everyone began praising GVF as the next Led Zeppelin.

 Drenched with emotion, soul, guitar solos, solid rhythm, and sultry groove, Greta Van Fleet are an ode to all things 70’s rock.  The first time they performed in Baltimore they opened for The Struts at Rams Head Live.  GVF are best experienced as a headliner on a small stage and this Ottobar performance proved that.

 On This night Baltimore witnessed an honest, real, true rock n roll show that left the sold out Ottobar begging for more!

 Lead singer Josh K. is not a ham, he’s the entire pig while onstage and his swagger is just as telling as his leather pants.  

 Guitarist Jake K. is the essence of Jimmy Page in terms of his guitar tone and movement onstage.

 Bassist Sam K. plays bass and keyboards just like John Paul from Zep.

 Drummer Danny W. keeps the memory of John Bonham alive.

 Despite performing a set of music that sounds older than the bands collective ages, GVF bring a young energy to the stage and if you peeped at Josh and Sam’s feet you saw them wearing moccasins and socks onstage.

 Shortly before Greta Van Fleet took the stage a gentleman standing behind me was bragging about how good Greta Van Fleet are.  He praised the band and stated that once he heard the band on the radio he couldn’t stop listening to them.  He told his friend, “This is the new Led Zeppelin!” and to be honest with you, he was very accurate!

 GVF took the stage at 9:15 PM and finished their set around 10:15 PM with “Safari Song”.  It’s interesting how the band chose to end their set; Josh thanked the crowd, Jake carried his main Gibson offstage with him, and they left with no encore.

 The main house lights were left on for the entire set with no fancy light show, no smoke, and no typical rock show cliche’s.   GVF took the stage and performed an hour long set of rock n roll and to be honest with you, few bands have delivered a show like this in Maryland over the last decade.  This was the real deal, no tricks, no samples, no tracks, just pure rock n roll!

 Greta Van Fleet are on their way to rock n roll superstardom and this is the beginning of their climb.  This show will be one that Maryland rock fans will talk about for years to come.  

Author: Bob Suehs