Oct 18, 2017

Dope / Hed PE - Fish Head Cantina

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Baltimore, Maryland

Fish Head Cantina

 Dope Set List:  Violence, Blood Money, 66 Sick, Bring It On, No Way Out, Debonair, Motivation, Now or Never/What About, Stop, Addiction, You Spin Me Round, Rebel Yell, Die MF Die, Boom, Bang, Burn, Fuck Tha Polica, Bitch


 This tour was interestingly dubbed the “Dope-Hed” tour by band members as well as the “Monster High” tour due in part to both bands love of cannabis.  To be completely honest with you, Hed PE brought the bulk of the crowd at this show and once their set ended a small portion of the crowd vacated the premises.

 Dope have consistently toured the United States for nearly 20 years and Edsel commented that he had performed in Maryland for so many years that he felt like he knew the bulk of the crowd on a personal level since he had seen them all consistently for almost 20 years.

 Maryland rockers Black Angel Down which features Nokio from Dru Hill fame on lead vocals and Ralph Rodriguez formerly of Agent of The Sun opened this show.

 Hed PE performed an over the top punk/hard rock/reggae dosed set which left the crowd begging for more.  He d PE singer/leader Jared Gomes is a tad older than the other members of Hed PE but you could never tell it based on the energy he exudes onstage.  Hed PE should have closed because they were an extremely hard act to follow.

 Dope took the stage a few minutes after 10 PM with an intro that felt like you were watching a movie.  Edsel walked on the stage looking more like Perry Farrel from Jane’s Addiction instead of  Marilyn Manson and the bands new drummer adds extra dynamics to the live Dope experience.

 Opening with “Violence”, Dope commanded the stage yet Edsel’s overall performance was a tad lackluster in random moments which he addressed after a few songs.  Edsel commented that he had just woke up about 20 minutes before he took the stage, that he had eaten nothing but gummy bears and was not feeling quite right.  He openly admitted that he was “off” and that his stage banter would not be great on this night.  Heckling a fan for wearing a Raiders cap and thanking the crowd repeatedly for supporting Dope throughout the years was the extent of Edsel’s stage raps on this night. 

 “Debonair” was abbreviated, Edsel introduced “You Spin Me Round” as one of the stupidest songs ever written,  and “Now or Never” was one of the show highlights.

 Just before the last song of the night a female fan asked Edsel to perform an obscure Dope song and Edsel admitted that they didn’t know how to play it and blamed it on their new drummer.  The female fans boyfriend chimed in, “Play Some Old Shit!” which set Edsel off.  Edsel commented that it always pissed him off when a fan says play old stuff because almost all of the Dope set IS old material.  

 Overall the set list flowed quite well and the band sounded superb.  One thing about a Dope live performance is that they never over stay their welcome.  Dope perform a solid hour at best and always leave the crowd wanting more.


Author: Bob Suehs