Oct 19, 2017

Ministry - Fillmore

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Silver Spring, Maryland

The Fillmore

 Ministry Set List:  Let’s Go, Punch In The Face, Antifa, Rio Grande Blood, Señor Peligro, Lies Lies Lies, Wargasm, Bad Blood, NWO, Just One Fix, Thieves, So What, ENCORE: Gates of Steel (Devo Cover)

 Al Jourgenson is the creator of an entire genre of music known as Industrial.  His style is unique, his vision is bold, his creativity is limitless; Al Jourgenson is a musical genius!  

 Al’s musical identity is known as Ministry; a studio project that started with dance influences which went off the deep end by channel demonic overtones, heavy guitars, and intense aggression.

 The 2017 version of Ministry is lean, mean, and readying the release of a new record in 2018 entitled, “AmeriKKKant”.  Two tracks from the new record were performed at this show, “Antifa” and “Wargasm”.

 “Antifa” is heavy as hell and “Wargasm” has a slow build which sounds like an industrial version of Judas Priest at times.

 Death Gips opened the show and their set was an hour which felt like days.  Death Grips performed in total darkness for nearly 40 minutes before turning on the lights to reveal several men onstage.  Death Grips are an industrial/techno act and their music was good but lacked guitars.  They were very different from what Ministry do.  

 It was interesting to watch Death Grips because their crowd was a full on “Dance” crowd and once their set ended a small portion of the crowd vacated.


 This show was slated to start at 10 PM sharp but due to sound issues onstage the start time was bumped back by 30+ minutes.  Just before the band took the stage Al came out to inspect the stage set up and explain to the crowd why they were running late.

  The stage set up was minimal, there were masked flag waivers onstage at one point, but for the most part the show was all about the music with twisted imagery flickering in the background.

 Sin is a beast on lead guitar, he interacted with the crowd for most of the show and made a point to let each person on his side of the stage know that he saw and appreciated them.  

 Former Static X bassist Tony C. is back with Ministry and despite his grimacing presence he clearly enjoyed this show.  Tony could be seen smiling throughout the entire set and thanked fans for supporting the band.

 Cesar Soto is a solid guitarist and held down the 2nd guitar slot well.  His tone was harsh and he told me after the show that he only has one guitar on the road with him.  Ministry use Schechter guitars and Soto said that they are so solid and stay in tune so well that there’s no need for tons of guitars, Sin and Soto use the same guitars for the entire set.

 Giant inflatable Chickens dressed as Donald Trump adorned both sides of the stage and on each chicken’s belly was a painted “No Nazi” logo.  

 “Just One Fix”, “Thieves”, and “NWO” received the biggest fan reactions and during those songs the mosh pit hit it’s high points.

 The show ended with an interesting cover of Devo’s “Gates of Steel” which most fans had never heard before.

This version of Ministry delivered a strong performance and each member brings their own flavor to the Ministry live show.  Despite a few minor sound issues towards the beginning of the set Ministry performed great and left the crowd wanting more.


  Within 10 minutes of the show ending Al Jourgenson walked into a black car and was whisked from the venue.  The band and crew packed up their belongings and the Ministry - Maryland experience was over.

 Ministry have a new record being released in 2018 and with that record will be a full world tour so look for the new Ministry record “AmeriKKKant” in 2018 and check them out when they play your part of the world!

Author: Bob Suehs