Oct 26, 2017

Gwar / Ghoul - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

 Gwar Set List:  Intro, War on Gwar, Hail Genocide, Monster, Death to Dickie Dunkin, Saddam A Go-Go, Crushed By The Cross, Viking Death Machine, Bring Back The Bomb, El Presidente, Swarm, Black & Huge, Meat Sandwich, Sawborg, Morality Squad, Fuck This Place, ENCORE:  Phantom Limb, I Want Blood

 Gwar started in 1984 as an art project gone terribly right; the band has managed to linger for over 30 years with the current 2017 version of the band features no original members.  Michael Bishop aka Blothar handles the bulk of the vocals and Bishop started his tenure with Gwar as Beefcake The Mighty.

 Gwar have a new record entitled “The Blood of Gods” which came out on October 20, 2017.  The new record is a fun mix of hard rock and thrash with themes of power, death, aggression, and overall goofiness.

 Ghoul were direct support for Gwar and they took the stage sporting dirty clothes and masks.  Ghoul are a redneck version of Gwar in terms of their stage show and presence.  Thrash metal intensity, tight solos, and screaming vocals are what make Ghoul’s sound.

 Anyone close to the stage were treated to a blood bath during Ghoul’s set.  Beheading a fake chicken and shooting blood via a hydraulic pump are what most of the audience will remember from their set.

 On the side of the stage sat a large hydraulic compressor which Gwar and Ghoul both shared to pump out gallons and gallons of fake blood on the audience.

 Gwar had a stage set up which featured 2 large TV screens that randomly played clips of Gwar’s manager, fake commercials, mock presidential programs, and videos that flavored the show.  The videos also gave band members and crew a chance to change guitars, switch costumes, and prepare for the next “act” in the set.

 Without Oderus Gwar is a different beast.  The show is in tact, the characters demand attention, the blood never quits, but the vibe of the show will forever be “off” without Oderus.

 In the back of the venue sat a table which allowed fans to sign up to vote.  Portions of the Gwar show were “Election” based and a fake Donald Trump took the stage, he was abruptly beheaded within 2 minutes of taking the stage.

 “If You Want Blood” by AC/DC was the show closer and during that song the band shot out so much blood that by the end it was just steam that came out of their high pressured blood blowers.

The only true downer of the evening was Doyle dropping off the tour for 2 shows due to an eye injury.  With Doyle not being a part of this particular show the set times were shuffled slightly and Ghoul's set  started a few minutes earlier to compensate for the extra time.

Author: Bob Suehs