Oct 31, 2017

Trivium / Arch Enemy - Soundstage

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A Warning to those heading to the Downtown Baltimore Area.  Last night (10/31/17) at approximately 6:45 PM the Jeff Maki, Editor in Chief for Maryland based music site Live-Metal.net was assaulted while on his way to the Trivium show at Baltimore Soundstage.  

 Rock N Roll Experience:  What exactly happened?:

 Jeff:  I had just got to Baltimore for the concert and parked in a garage on Gay St. Walking out of the gate at around 6:45, I had seen groups of teenagers walking around but didn’t think much of it. It was Halloween, right? So I walked about 50’ out of the gate towards the venue when I got sucker punched in the side of the face by this tall dude with a mask running up quickly, yet quietly from behind. I turned around after I realized what happened and yelled What the fuck!!! It was a taller, slender male wearing an oversized cheap skull Halloween mask (like the ones in Rite Aid or CVS. He was bouncing around like he was going to come at me again, but then I heard the others behind him yelling “alright man, come on, come on! After noticing I didn’t go down, they all took off. There were at least 8 of them, 2-3 younger girls in the front with phones, and the older males (5-6) in back. For that hour or so I felt like I was in The Purge. Seriously.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Did you catch any of the Trivium concert?

 Jeff:  I didn’t catch the show at all for fear of having to walk back there even later that night, plus my eye was cut pretty bad and bleeding. I found street cops who escorted me back to my car then followed up the next day with Baltimore police Central District. The officer said “these juveniles were tearing up the city last night” Robberies all over the city like this one, breaking off into packs and running up on people behind.

Rock N Roll Experience:  Do you have any advice for those attending concerts in that area?

 Jeff:  My advice: If you’re attending Soundstage or Rams Head, ONLY park in the venue’s own garages. Probably wise to not go alone if you can help it, and I don’t know: Carry a weapon?


 It’s tragic this happened, yet sadly this is not an isolated incident but an ongoing problem that’s plaguing Baltimore.  A family visiting the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore on October 21, 2017 had a similar situation happen too.  If you are heading to the Baltimore area, please be alert, safe, and aware of your surroundings.  Thank you Jeff Maki and LIve-Metal.net for taking the time to talk to us.







Baltimore, Maryland


Trivium Set List:  Sin and the Sentence, Down From The Sky, Betrayer, Until The World Goes Cold, Flies, Rain, Dusk, Strife, Heart From Your Hate, KG, Thrown, In Waves

 Arch Enemy took the stage at 8:05 PM sharp which caused us to miss the beginning of their set.  Performing to a sold out room, Arch Enemy delivered intensity and power to the Costumed crowd that came to see them perform.  Alissa addressed the audience with love and adoration while joking that she couldn’t figure out if the guy in front of her was a lobster or a devil due to his red halloween costume and horns.  (Editors note:  He was actually a lobster!)

 Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis sounded amazing as they traded dual guitar leads throughout their set.  The best part of Arch Enemy’s set was their overall live sound.  All vocals were clear, the drums were punchy and loud, the bass was thick, and the guitars were clean when solos were played so the audience could clearly hear every note played.  This was hands down the best Arch Enemy set Baltimore has ever witnessed.

 Trivium were the main attraction and took the stage at 9:50 PM for a set that lasted until a few minutes after 11 PM.

 Formed in 1999 and staying true to their metal roots, Trivium have persevered as true Metal titans.  Matt Heafy has a presence onstage that comes off as serious but once he smiles he gets goofy.  Matt sticks out his tongue, bulges his eyes,  and thanked the audience non stop for supporting his band.  Matt truly adores his job as frontman for Trivium and there’s no egoes or attitudes with the members of Trivium, they are one with their fans.

 Matt comes off as a true Heavy Metal Machine but his rolled hipster pants tell a different tale. I joke about Matt’s pants because there’s very little to make fun of when it comes to Matt.  His vocals, his energy, his guitar playing, Mr. Heafy earned his place in the metal world by proving he is indeed the real deal.  On This night Matt had his middle finger heavily taped and it's unclear if that was due to an injury or not.

 Lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu used his signature model Jackson guitar throughout the entire set and Matt used his 2 signature model Epiphone guitars; the white one is absolutely beautiful.

 Paolo is a beast on bass; he rarely stood still throughout the set and his bass lines are the glue that hold every Trivium song together.

 The newest member of the Trivium family, drummer Alex Bent, was hidden behind the kit for most of the set but his beats were impossible to ignore.  

 The only slight bummer to this particular show was the fact that no one in Trivium dressed up for Halloween; Paolo could have been “WWF’s Iron Sheik”, Matt could have been “WWF’s The Rock”, and Corey could have been “Jesus”.

 Trivium delivered a strong set and gave the sold out Baltimore Soundstage crowd a show they will never forget.


Author: Bob Suehs