Mar 1, 2018

Anthrax / Killswitch Engage - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live


 Anthrax Set List: Among the Living, Caught In A Mosh, Madhouse, Fight ‘em, Breathing Lightning, Medusa, I Am The Law, Be All, Antisocial,  Indians

 Killswitch Engage Set List:  Rose of Sharyn, Strength of the Mind, Numbered Days, My Curse, Absolution, Take This Oath, A Bid Farewell, No End In Sight, Hate By Design, Temple, Always, Serenade, Upraised, Beyond The Flames, Heartache, In Due Time, Holy Diver

 The house lights dimmed at 8PM and the theme to The Blues Brothers played; this meant that Anthrax were moments away from giving Rams Head Live a lesson in old school thrash metal!

 Charlie took the stage first and waved to the crowd as he walked to the drum riser; Scott, Frankie, and Jonathan followed.  Scott assumed the center stage to start the show with a chunky dose of riffage.  The opening number was “Among The Living” which set the pace for 90 minutes of non stop Anthrax classics.

 Scott is the leader of Anthrax and his presence onstage is both cartoonish and iconic.  Scott’s bald head is set off by his goat like grey beard which is offset by his caterpillar like eyebrows.  Written on the back of Scott’s guitar necks was the word “Baldini” which is an ode to Dime bag.

 Random opening song flubs plagued the Anthrax set; Joey Belladonna ran to the side of the stage to throw his studded belt to the ground and bassist Frank Bello had a issue with his bass which caused him to throw his wireless unit to the ground.  Joey joked with photographers that there was very little room for him to run back and forth onstage due to the co-headlining situation with Killswitch which created a tighter than usual isle way for him to run back and forth in.  

 Anthrax came off as a tight unit, they sounded great, their set was shorter than most would have wished for but they delivered an intense, old school mosh fest.  The crowd surfing started with the opening notes of “Among the Living” and did not end until the closing notes of “Indians” was complete.  Needless to say, security earned their pay on this night and did a great job of keeping the crowd safe.

 “Got The Time” and “Antisocial” are covers but Anthrax manage to make them their own by adding their own style to both songs.  

 “Breathing Lightning” was one of the stand out numbers during this show and started off as a sing along with Joey leading the crowd. “Breathing Lightning” is the most commercial song Anthrax has ever written and it has paid off because the track garnered them radio airplay and helped them add new fans to their already established fanbase. 

 Anthrax closed their set with “Indians” and at the end was a mini acapela rendition of “Closer to the Heart” by Rush which Joey sang.  Anthrax destroyed Baltimore and Scott commented that the band would be back soon with Slayer!

 Killswitch Engage had an uphill battle when they chose to perform after Anthrax on this night.  Adam and the boys rose to the occasion with a set list that covered pretty much everything you would want to hear from KSE while adding comedic moments like Adam declaring that he had “a 2 inch dick” and then during the set closer, a cover of “Holy Diver”, he left the stage, went to the back bar and ordered a beer, then went to the ladies bathroom.  

 Re-adding Jesse Leach as vocalist for KSE has paid off well for the band; they are a force to reckon with and totally unstoppable with Leach as their frontman. Leach moved like a man on a mission throughout the entire set while the twin guitar attack of Joel and Adam kept the music heavy.

 When Killswitch ended their set the entire band went to Angels Rock Bar across the street from the venue and proceeded to party the night away in true rock star fashion.

 As a package tour, both on paper and in theory, this is the perfect billing because both Anthrax and Killswitch bring their own styles and definition of what metal music is.  Both bands bring their core fanbase, amazing songs, and create an intense concert experience which gives the fans a lot of bang for their buck!

Author: Bob Suehs