May 9, 2018

Greta Van Fleet / Dorothy - Rams Head Live

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Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

 Greta Van Fleet Set List:  Highway Tune, Edge of Darkness, When The Cold Wind Blows, Talk on the Street, Flower Power, You’re The One, Evil, Mountain of the Sun, Watching Over, Lover Leaver Taker Believer (“Rollin and Tumblin” & “That’s All Right” jam in between song), ENCORE: Black Smoke Rising, Safari Song

 Dorothy Set List:  White Butterfly, Naked Eye, After Midnight, Pretty When High, On My Knees, Ain’t Our Time To Die, Who Do You Love, Flawless, Down To The Bottom, Freedom

 Rock N Roll Experience conducted an interview with Greta Van Fleet on May 19, 2017 at Rams Head Live when the virtually unknown act were opening for The Struts.  These four young men, 2 of which had not yet graduated High School, were starting their journey into rock superstardom by reinventing the sound and feel of classic 70’s rock.


 The first time Greta Van Fleet performed at Rams Head Live they were naive and innocent.  Flash forward one year and the band have grown both musically and physically, their stage show is bigger, their energy is stronger, and their stage presence is impossible to ignore….Greta Van Fleet ARE rockstars!

 Los Angeles based Dorothy opened the show with a set that started off like a wiccan ritual.  Dorothy came out with a long robe which covered her body.  She lit an inscent which looked like a hand rolled blunt and waved the scented stick as she sang the opening lines of “White Butterfly”.

 Dorothy’s voice radiates over each song and the musicians in the band create a distinct sound which makes Dorothy unique and different.  “Flawless” was the standout song in their set and it was followed by the bands debut single “Down To The Bottom”.

 Dorothy delivered an amazing set and the crowd clearly loved the band.

 Greta Van Fleet had a stage with massive amounts of backlighting.  The backlighting created a movie like atmosphere which flowed well with lead singer Josh K’s demeanor because at times he reminds you of a Hollywood actor smiling, posing, and he clearly enjoys every moment onstage.

 Josh wore a long red shirt with pleather pedal pushers.  Josh’s white shoes reminded me of something my grandparents would have worn;  Josh is clearly comfortable with his flamboyant side. 

 Jacob has grown into his role as rock n roll guitar god and his stage moves were clearly taken from early Jimmy Page.  Jacob has a solid guitar tone and if you see Greta Van Fleet in concert you are highly advised to stand towards the center of the arena because standing too far to the left or right will give you an improper sounding mix.

 It was interesting to watch Greta Van Fleet’s set list play itself out because they opened with “Highway Tune” which was the first taste the world got of Greta Van Fleet and the last song of the night was “Safari Song” which happens to be the bands current radio single.

 Greta Van Fleet are a tribute to all things Led Zeppelin and the crowd that showed up on this night was mostly older.  There were a handful of younger people in attendance with the average age range being 40ish and up.

 When “Safari Song” ended the crowd were cheering as loud as they could possibly cheer.  Greta Van Fleet played their hearts out and the crowd clearly absorbed every moment the band members were onstage.  For those who say Rock N Roll is dead, go see a Greta Van Fleet concert, it will change your mind and make you realize that Rock N Roll is still alive in 2018!


Author: Bob Suehs