Jun 7, 2018

Combichrist / Wednesday 13 - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD

 Wednesday 13 Set List: What The Night Brings, Blood Sick, Scream Baby Scream, Serpent Society, Prey For Me, Bloodsucker, Bloodshed, Condolences, I Want You Dead, I Walked With A Zombie, I Love To Say F**k, Bad Things

  Combichrist Set List:  All Pain Is Gone, Blut Royale, Can't Control, Electrohead, Throat Full of Glass, Scarred, F*ck That Shit, Exit Eternity, Denial, Get Your Body Beat, Sent To Destroy, Never Surrender, Maggots At The Party, What The F*ck Is Wrong With You?

  Formed in 2003 by Norwegian born singer Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist generated a buzz in the underground industrial scene via non-stop touring and steady record releases.  All Combichrist records are recorded solely by LaPlegua in the studio but when it comes to performing live shows LaPlegua is joined by Eric13 on guitar, Drummer Jo Letz, and at times bassist Brent Ashley.  On this night the band did not have a live bass player.

 This show took place on a Thursday in Baltimore which meant it would be a crap shoot as to whether or not there was a decent sized crowd because Baltimore is primarily dead on week nights.

 When Prison took the stage there was roughly a hundred people give or take and their set was standard nu-thrash with backing tracks.  Musically the band sounded like White Chapel at times and the crowd seemed to enjoy their set despite the bad sound mix.  Prison's lead singer wore flowered leggings which made his presence onstage quite unique.

  Night Club features Mark Brooks controlling the samples and tracks and Emily Kavanaugh on vocals.  Formed in 2012, the duo is based out of Los Angeles, California and their song "Do It Again" appeared in the final season of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

 By the time Dance pop/rock outfit Night Club took the stage the crowd was “it” for the night in terms of capacity. Roughly there was over one hundred people there and the room was clearly not filled.  Night Club are a 2 person band and during the last song in their set Combichrist drummer Joe Letz took the stage to perform live drums; this added an intensity to Night Club and is an element that they should consider adding for future live performances.

  Joseph Micheal Poole is best known as former Murderdolls singer Wednesday 13.  13 was discovered by former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison and recruited as lead singer for Murderdolls in 2002.  Murderdolls featured Eric Griffin on bass, Eric is the current guitarist for Genitorturers. On Drums was Mr. Ben Graves; Ben would go on to join Pretty Boy Floyd.  In early 2018 Ben tragically passed away.  Tripp Eisen was on lead guitar, Tripp was eventually replaced by Acey Slade from Dope.  Acey Slade joined Joan Jett and the Black Hearts for nearly 5 years and is currently a touring member of The Misfits.

 Wednesday 13 was direct support for Combichrist and his over the top Marilyn Manson meets Alice Cooper meets Ghost stage show was a breath of fresh air.  Wednesday adorned several masks throughout the night, he was a ghoul, a demon, a devil, and during the Murderdolls medley he was simply himself. 

 Wednesday’s set was a tad darker and much more extreme than previous tours.  At times it felt like you were witnessing a pagan sacrifice and a large section the crowd was there just for Mr. 13.

 Wednesday paid tribute to fallen Murderdoll member Ben Graves by having his name on the bass drum head.

 “I Love To Say F**k” and “Bad Things” closed out the Wednesday 13 set and as soon as the band finished a small portion for the crowd left.

 Combichrist took the stage a tad after 10:30 PM and their set was high energy, extreme dance music.  Andy LaPlegua looked like a dance metal version of Hitler with his new mustache and drummer Joe Letz took the stage in full drag.

 Joe Letz IS the star of every Combichrist show, his over the top drumming, his constant stick throwing, and his hard as hell beats are what make Combichrist unique and totally different.  Letz has previously toured with Amen, Genitorturers, Hanzel und Gretyl, Mortiis, and Wednesday 13.

 Eric 13 on guitar added a metal element to the bands live show and Eric sported a Testament model guitar as well.  Eric may look familiar to East Coast rock fans because his former band Sex Slaves were a staple to the glam rock circuit.  There was an incident that occured at a Sex Slaves show in Baltimore where the bands bass player was set on fire accidentally.

 Combichrist were amazing but Wednesday 13 was the best band of the night.  Wednesday 13's live show was hard to top and his backing band delivered a high energy rock show.  If you get an opportunity to check out this tour when it rolls through your part of the world DO NOT pass it up, this is a must see show!

Author: Bob Suehs