Jun 17, 2018

Poison / Cheap Trick - Jiffy Lube Live

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Jiffy Lube Live

Bristow, VA

 Pop Evil Set List: Boss’s Daughter, Ex Machina, Deal With The Devil, Be Legendary, 100 in a 55, Take It All, Footsteps, Waking Lions, Trenches

 Cheap Trick Set List:  Hello There, Big Eyes, You Got It Going On, California Man, If You Want My Love, Long Time Coming, Never Had A Lot To Lose, The Summer Looks Good On You, Bass Solo/I’m Waiting For The Man (Velvet Underground cover), The Flame, I Want You To Want Me, Dream Police, Surrender (Matt from Pop Evil played guitar), Goodnight Now

 Poison Set List:  Look What The Cat Dragged In, I Want Action, Ride The Wind, Talk Dirty To Me, Something To Believe In, Your Mama Don’t Dance, Guitar Solo, Fallen Angel, Unskinny Bop, Drum Solo, Bass Solo, Every Rose…, Nothin’ But A Good Time, ENCORE:  Rock N Roll All Nite

 Cheap Trick and Poison; on paper it makes perfect sense for these 2 bands to tour all Summer together because both acts have written iconic pop rock anthems which have stood the test of time.  The opening act for this tour was Pop Evil. 

 Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia is a massive outdoor venue which holds 25,262 people at capacity.  When Pop Evil took the stage it was clear as day that the venue wasn’t even half packed with a large portion of the seats empty and the lawn section bare.  The venue gave free ticket upgrades to early lawn patrons in an attempt to fill in the seated areas.  

 Pop Evil sounded good, their energy level was set on 10 but the crowd was just not feeling what the band had to offer and part of it was the dry, humid, hot weather which plagued the first half of this concert.

 Cheap Trick were up next and their hour long set was a fun frolic through the past, present, and future of the band.  Cheap Trick lead singer Robin Zander is 65 years old but still looks  like he did in the mid 70’s.  Robin’s voice sounds strong, his stage presence has not diminished, and Robin’s son, Robin Zander Jr is the bands current rhythm guitartist.

 Rick Neilson has not aged quite as well as Robin BUT his presence, attitude, and swagger has not changed one bit.  Rick’s son Daxx is the current drummer for Cheap Trick replacing Bun E. Carlos.

 Cheap Trick opened with “Hello There” which led into “Big Eyes”.  “The Summer Looks Good On You” is a newer Cheap Trick jam and sounded great mixed in with their classic tracks.

 “I Want You To Want Me” featured Matt from Pop Evil on guitar and during “Dream Police” Rick threw out guitar picks by the fist full!  If you sat anywhere near the front of the stage it was impossible to not walk away with a Cheap Trick guitar pick!

 Robin Zander wore a custom made suit which had photos of Cheap Trick all over it and a large white top hat adorned his head for the entire.

 Cheap Trick delivered an amazing, well planned, all American Rock N Roll show and by the time their set ended most of the Pavilion was filled completely in.

 Poison were the headliner and before taking the stage a roadie brought out Bret’s cowboy hat and informed the crowd that Bret would be back in town towards the end of the year with his solo band and told the crowd what the date/venue would be.

 “Look What The Cat Dragged In” was the perfect opening number because it’s high energy/fast pace made the crowd jump from their seats immediately!

 “Something To Believe In” was dedicated to the military and at one point during the show Bret introduced a dozen military folks and allowed them to walk across the stage and smack hands with the front of the crowd.

 Bret made reference to the old days at Hammerjacks and thanked the crowd repeatedly for supporting the band and making his dreams come true.  

 C.C. DeVille looks very different in 2018, his slender frame is comparable to the flying v guitars that he played onstage; he’s healthy, lean, and sporting poker straight blonde locks which go half way down his back.  Bret on the other hand looked a tad pudgier than usual and his voice sounded worn during the slower songs.

 Bobby Dall was the odd man out, his flannel shirt, glasses, and salt n pepper hair was a stark contrast to C.C., Bret, and Rikki’s style.  Bobby’s glitter bass did not match his flannel!

 Rikki battled cancer and came back strong, this tour is a testament to his determination to live his life and watching him play is like watching a child at a playground.  Rikki’s attitude is positive, he smiles non-stop, and his performance was flawless.

 The Poison show was a tad short and it felt like they rushed through it at times because once the entire show was done most of the crowd wanted more!

 All in all this was a fun Summertime show and Poison / Cheap Trick delivered a great rock n roll experience!


Author: Bob Suehs