Jul 7, 2018

Dead Girls Academy, Bombenkinder

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 Skitzo Calypso were a dominant force in the Maryland music scene for several years before calling it a day in the mid 2000’s.  The collective members that make up Skitzo Calypso grew as musicians and writers during their time apart and in 2018 the band have reunited to record new music.

 The 5 song EP they recently recorded sounds fresh, new, strong, and mixes hard rock ethics with modern rock style.  “Reaching For An Emerald Sky” is the perfect mix of heavy rock and harmony driven modern rock.  The Synth/guitar licks accent each other quite well, layered riffs and keys together create a prog feel while the vocals and rhythm never stray too far from pure hard rock.  This is the stand out track on this EP for those who love heavy rock!

 “Eulogy of Me” is a 7+ minute epic track and the beginning 12 seconds sounds slightly “November Rain”-ish.  Introspective, touching, tender, moving, and deeper than any rabbit hole Alice could ever fall into, this is the moment of EP where you truly experience how the band has grown as writers.

 “The Broken Part of You” opens with a dirty, groove laden bass line and the song itself has an underlying rock groove.  The song takes several turns and you hear neo classical riffage, an occasional scream, interesting progressions, and well written lyrical content.





 Label: Victory Records

Release Date:  June 15, 2018

 Michael Orlando is the mastermind behind Dead Girl Academy and his story reads like something out of Motley Crue’s “Dirt” autobiography.  Michael grew up in the mid 80’s, had a record deal, toured, lived the rock n roll life, but in the blink of an eye it was all taken away by a near fatal bus accident which nearly erased his existence.

 Alongside his best friend Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse), Michael rehabilitated himself from his accident and formed a new band, Dead Girls Academy which celebrates all things sleazy, dirty, and raunchy in the world of rock n roll!

 “Medicine” is the first track on “Alchemy” and it’s a fast paced, non stop rocker that sounds like it could have came from the mid 80’s glam metal era.  At times the record is a little too produced and polished, I prefer a little “grit” in my rock n roll which this record lacks at times.

 “Forever” is a touching rocker, “No Way Out” is intense, and the record closes on a somber track called “Far Away”.

 Fans of Black Veil Brides will love this record, every song is a rock anthem!




“A Thousand Time The Speed of Light”

 Baltimore based rockers Bombenkinder have a new release which captures the essence of the band’s live sound which is a mix of indie, punk, and hard rock.  The darker side of the band comes from the lyrical content, musically the upbeat tempos and rhythmic approach make the band sound unique and different.

 “Down This Rusted Road” is a catchy rocker, “Shaken” is artistic and introspective, and throughout every track on this release the listener is transported to the alternate universe that Bombenkinder live on.  Each track is like a novel written from the bands point of view.

 The artwork offers a unique perspective to each track and Crow Spit Studios did a great job in capturing the essence of each track in a  visual way. (Rock N Roll Socialite)

 For more info and show dates check out BOMBENKINDER

Author: Bob Suehs