Jul 5, 2018

Scour (Phil Anselmo) - Soundstage

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SCOUR featuring Phil Anselmo

Gloom, Visceral Disgorge



Baltimore, MD

 Scour Set List: Sentenced (Intro), Shank, Crooked, Clot, Red, Piles, Dispatched, Bleak, Codes, Massacre (Bathory cover), Barricade, Tactics (Sample), Tear Gas, Slaughtered/Strength Beyond Strength (Pantera covers dedicated to Vinnie Paul)

 The highlight of this performance was witnessing Phil Anselmo perform Pantera covers for the first time since the passing of Vinnie Paul.  Just before Scour tore into an intense cover of “Slaughtered” off the Pantera album “Far Beyond Driven” Phil took a momentary pause, pointed to the sky and said, “This is one for you Vin.”  Scour followed it up with a ripping cover of “Strength Beyond Strength” which closed the show.

 All openers for this show were local Maryland/DC based extreme metal acts and Gloom’s set closed with an interesting Grindcore styled rendition of Alice In Chains “Them Bones”.

 Visceral Disgorge have performed very few local shows and this served as their triumphant return to the stage.  The band joked between songs and would intro songs by saying they were about anal sex, pooping, or f**king girls.  


 Scour were the main attraction and the crowd was clearly there to see Mr. Phil Anselmo.  This show was billed as Scour’s ONLY US show for 2018.  The crowd was small and roughly 100+ in size.  The venue was sectioned off and only 1/2 of it was used for the show.  Soundwise Scour sounded great but it was clear that they were a “project” band because at times it felt like they were trying to figure out how certain things went and randomly the band would start a song off after Anselmo's cue to start a song which threw Anselmo off at times.

 Phil read lyrics from a music stand for most of the bands hour long show and “Massacre” by Bathory was added to fill out the bands short set.  Phil joked that they had to toss in a few covers since they didn’t have enough original songs and throughout their set the audience were yelling Pantera songs.

 Phil looked healthy, he has lost his beer belly, his energy level was solid, and his vocals came off a tad lower in range than usual.

 Derek and Chase on guitar churned out solid riffage and their twin flying V attack was a wall of rhythm.  John (Bass) and Jesse (Drums) held the rhythm down tight.  For those not aware, the members of Scour are from other recognizable death metal acts.  Derek Engemann (CATTLE DECAPITATION) – Guitar, Chase Fraser (Animosity) - Guitar, John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer) - Bass, Jesse School (Strong Intention) - Drums.

 At the Scour merch table fans could purchase Scour flip flops, a Scour bikini, and a Scour used distortion pedal which sold for $350

 Scour delivered an intense hour of hardcore metal and closing with 2 Pantera songs, “Slaughtered” and “Strength Beyond Strength” was the perfect way to leave every fan in attendance happy and satisfied. Phil delivered a strong performance, the band sounded amazing, and the crowd received a little taste of Pantera!

Author: Bob Suehs