Jul 7, 2018

Buckcherry / P.O.D. / Lit - Mecu Pavilion

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Mecu Pavilion

Baltimore, MD

 Buckcherry Set List:  Ridin’, Whiskey In The Morning, Slammin’, For The Movies, Lit Up, Say Fuck It, Rescue Me, Too Drunk, Sorry, The Vacuum (New Song), Gluttony, Crazy Bitch/Jungle Fever/Proud Mary 

 Billed as the Gen-X 2018 Summer Tour and featuring Alien Ant Farm, Lit, P.O.D., and Buckcherry, this rockin’ roadshow made a stop in Baltimore, Maryland at the Mecu Pavilion on July 7, 2018.  The Mecu Pavilion is better known by it’s former name, Pier Six Concert Pavilion.  The venue has undergone some interesting renovations and lost it’s distinctly “Baltimore” charm when it was purchased by Live Nation.  

 The venue holds over 5,000+ people; I was told that they moved roughly 1,000 tickets for this show which included radio giveaways.  Saying that the venue was empty is an understatement.  One new addition to the venue is the “pit” area.  Basically, they ripped out the first 10 rows of seating and replaced them with a steel fence which allowed for a general admission area in front of the stage.  At this show the General Admission “pit” area was bare and when a guitar pick was tossed from the stage you could witness it actually bouncing on the concrete.

 I arrived as Lit were finishing their set and caught “Miserable” and “My Own Worst Enemy” which the crowd loved.  At the merch table fans could purchase a meet and greet with Lit for $650 and it included a Squire guitar which the band would sign.  Most shirts were priced at $25.

 P.O.D. were 3rd on the bill and their set was 1 hour of Cali rap-rock which felt retro 90’s yet still quite fresh.

 Interesting side note, P.O.D. are the only band on this tour that have all of their original members and they sounded great!  “Alive”, “Youth of the Nation”, and “Southtown” were all included in the bands super tight set.

 Sonny (vocals) sounds just like he did back in the 90’s and his energy level onstage has not changed.  Wuv was the first to take the stage and his beats are the backbone of P.O.D.’s sound while Marco’s guitar work creates the bands overall sound.  Speaking of Marco, the obvious thing you notice when he takes the stage these days is his drastic weight loss;  He looks much healthier.

 This show ran a little behind schedule which caused Buckcherry to play a shorter set.  There was no encore and “Crazy Bitch” was the end of the show.

 Josh Todd took the stage with a backwards bandana, shades, jacket, and his demeanor was part street pimp, part rock n roll cliche.  Josh’s tattooed body told a story;  drugs, depression, love, hate, excess, loss, and intensity.  “Chaos” is tattooed on his belly and that word is the perfect explanation for Todd and his presence onstage.  Josh’s chiseled facial features add to his presence, vocals, and his jaw line is reminiscent of the cartoon Dick Tracy.

 Going into this show I wanted to hate Buckcherry because founding guitarist Keith Nelson is no longer a part of the band; to be honest with you Buckcherry sounded good, they are not the same band that they were just a few years back with Nelson on guitar BUT they delivered a strong performance and gave the crowd their monies worth.

 “For The Movies” was a nice bonus to the set list considering they rarely perform it alongside newer songs.  Josh informed the crowd that the current band had written 30 new songs for a record that would be released sometime this year.  “Vacuum” is one of those brand new songs and it was performed in Baltimore for the first time on this night.  The new song sounded ok, it had a catchy guitar hook but was clearly a song that you needed to hear a few times before you could make a clear decision about how good or bad it truly was.

Buckcherry must have problems with theft on the road because their personal fan was heavily marked with their name as well as the word "Dog Shit" on the handle.

  Before starting the song "Sorry" Josh asked the crowd if anyone was in a long term relationship?  The crowd response was minimal which caused Josh to laugh and jokingly say, "Damn, yall must f**k 'em during the Summer then cut 'em loose before the Fall."

 Josh told the crowd that the song “Lit Up” was about the first time he ever did cocaine.  He told the audience that he snorted a line off a Ouija Board in a California apartment and then proclaimed that, “It doesn’t get any more “metal” than that!”

 This was an interesting 4 band bill, each band had at least 1 or more “hit” in their catalog and each band brought a different style of 90’s rock as well as their own fanbase.  The only obvious reality for this particular show was that none of these bands were big enough to sell out a 5,000 seat venue.   This show would have been better suited in Rams Head Live or a larger sized club which held 1,000+ people.

Author: Bob Suehs