Sep 10, 2018

Killing Joke / <PIG> - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD

 Killing Joke Set List:  Love Like Blood, European Super State, Autonomous Zone, 80’s, New Cold War, Requiem, Butcher, Follow The Leaders, Loose Cannon, Labyrinth, Corporate Elect, Asteroid, The Wait, Pssyche, ENCORE: SO36, The Death and Resurrection Show, Wardance, Pandemonium


 The original line up of Killing Joke featuring Jaz Coleman on vocals, Geordie Walker on guitar, Youth on bass, and Paul Ferguson on drums performed a nearly sold out show on September 10, 2018 at Baltimore Soundstage.  The crowd was an interesting mix of new and older fans with a fashion style that ranged from Dad Jeans to  Hot Topic chic.

 <PIG> opened the show and their set was anything but ordinary.  Live drums, guitar and vocals accompanied a vast array of samples and tracks which added a goth/industrial/metal vibe to the <PIG> live experience.  Raymond Watts is the mastermind behind <PIG> and his onstage clothing for this show is best described as “bondage priest”.

 <PIG> performed an hour long set and the musicianship onstage was absolutely superb!  The backing tracks and samples would not needed if they would add a live bass player to the band.

 Killing Joke had an interesting assortment of merch at their table which included a limited edition Killing Joke ring.  

 Killing Joke lead singer Jaz Coleman is equal parts Alice Cooper and comedian Richard Lewis with his shaggy jet black hair, dark as night eyeliner, and pitch black trench coat.  Jaz sounded great vocally and he exchanged bug eyed stares with the crowd for their entire 2 hour set.

 Guitarist Geordie Walker looks like Creed Bratton from The Office while rockin’ his gold hollow bodied Gibson with P-90 pick ups.  Walker’s guitar tone was crisp, clear, and sharp; his guitar brought to life every note he played.

 Bassist Youth had an interesting look; his head was bald on top with a few small dreadlocks in back.  His one note bass lines held the groove together and worked well with Paul’s drum work.

 Killing Joke are a cult band in the USA thanks in part to to Metallica covering their song, “The Wait”, and Foo Fighters covering “Requim” in 1997. Nirvana lifted the main riff from “Come As You Are” from the Killing Joke song “Eighties”.

 This show ended at 10:20 PM with the crowd left wanting more.  Jaz and company delivered an intense, dark, driven performance that left Baltimore stunned!

Author: Bob Suehs