Sep 18, 2018

Seether / Tremonti - Rams Head Live

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Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

 TREMONTI Set List:  Cauterize, You Waste Your Time, Another Heart, Things I’ve Seen, Catching Fire, Flying Monkeys, Radical Change, Trust, Lions, A Dying Machine, Wish You Well

 SEETHER Set List:  Stoke The Fire, Gasoline, Let You Down, Truth, Words As Weapons, Nobody’s Praying, Save Today, Country Song, Fine Again, Broken, No Jesus Christ, Rise Above, Betray and Degrade, Fake It, Remedy

 The evening started early as opening band VEIO went on at 6:25 PM followed by BIG STORY at 7:10 PM.  Mark Tremonti took the stage at 8 PM and played a solid 55 minute set.  Seether performed at 9:25 PM and finished the evening up at 10:55 PM.

 The members of Tremonti are powerhouse musicians and their musical prowess impressed the crowd.  Second guitarist Eric Friedman is a monster performer and his lead guitar work was impressive. At times Friedman utilized a John Mayer model PRS guitar onstage.

 Tremonti drummer Garrett Whitlock is a beast and held the backbeat of the band together while bassist Tanner Keegan pounded both the stage and his bass.

 Mark Tremonti is an underrated vocalist; his singing is as good as his guitar work.  Tremonti were a hard act to follow.  Seether frontman Shaun Morgan commented that the members of Tremonti could play more notes in one minute than he could an entire show and he was enthused to have them on the bill.

 This is the tail end of Seether’s “Poison The Parish” tour and the band brought their A-Game.

 Seether formed in 1999 and borrow their name from a Veruca Salt song.  Hailing from South Africa, Shaun Morgan and Dale Stewart are the driving force behind Seether and sole original members.

 Seether took the stage with a simple set up; a moderate drum riser sat in the back of the stage while small video screen were placed on both sides of the stage which showed fire, rabbits, and random graphics that enhanced each song visually.

 Shaun took stage right and his pedal board featured a Jerry Cantrell Wah pedal, MXR Analog Chorus, Digital Delay, Noise Gate, and a looper.  Overall his set up was simple and to the point.

 Corey Lowery, brother of Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery, is the current touring guitarist for Seether;  with a 2nd guitarist the band sounds fuller.

 Dale Stewart on bass and John Humphrey on drums have remained one of the most solid rhythm sections in modern rock for over a decade.  Their no frills approach and their direct/honest style are what holds the Seether live show together.

 Set wise the band performed most of their hits alongside a few newer ones.  “Truth” received a major crowd response and “Country Song” was a definite fan favorite.  “Broken” was the only sad/slow moment in the set and it was followed up with “No Jesus Christ” which picked up the pace.

 “Rise Above” sounded amazing and “Fake It” closed out the set.  “Remedy” was the nights encore and featured a small jam session where Shaun and the boys took turns noodling riffs and improvising parts.

 Seether have always been a solid live act and this show was no exception.  Post Grunge riffs, Raspy vocals, Strong Rhythms, and superb song writing delivered live onstage with no backing tracks, no samples, all performed 100% live.

Author: Bob Suehs