Sep 30, 2018

Life of Agony / Silvertomb - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


Life of Agony Set List:  Through and Through, My Eyes, Unstable, Hope, Tangerine, Method of Groove, Other Side Of The River, This Time, Lost at 22, Weeds, My Mind Is Dangerous, Meet My Maker, A New Low, Underground, River Runs Red, Bad Seed, The Stain Remains


 Life of Agony lead singer Mina Caputo told the crowd, 

“I want to see happiness, dancing, love….and semen (Laughs)”

Three of the 4 happened while Life of Agony tore through their set which served as a history lesson in the NYC underground metal scene circa 1993.

 The venue was far from packed with around 150 bodies clamoring to stage dive, mosh, and get their aggression(s) out.  This was the last night of the Silvertomb / Life of Agony tour and neither band had crew to help them set up or break down which meant they had to set up their own gear.  Joey Z came out during the Silvertomb set to serve the guys cold Corona’s and Silvertomb vocalist/guitarist Kenny Hickey stage dove several times during the Life of Agony set.

 Silvertomb feature 1/2 of Type O Negative; guitarist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly.  Kenny serves as lead guitarist / lead vocalist for Silvertomb and their sound is straight up 70’s influence doom rock with elements of modern rock and occasional tones of goth rock.

 Kenny has a dry sense of humor and both he and Mina (Life of Agony) commented that their sense of humor was distinctly New York oriented and not everyone would understand it.

 Silvertomb featured a three guitar attack and Kenny was reminiscent of Chris Cornell at times while striking the “Jesus Christ Pose” thoughout their set.

 Objectively the band were tight, they sounded good, their music is not 100% commercial but the Type O Negative connection will help them fill a room and Kenny dedicated a song to his mentor, Mr. Peter Steele.

 Life of Agony did not utilize a barricade to separate the band from the crowd; the crowd was against the stage and the band interacted with the crowd like they were members of the band.

 Joey Z’s guitar tone was clear, crisp, and loud as hell!  If you didn’t wear ear plugs and stood on Joey’s side I can guarantee your ears were ringing when you left!  Joey smiled constantly and made it a point to thank the crowd for coming out.

 Mina seemed a little perturbed by crowd members who chose to not come close and made it a point to invite everyone in the room to step up closer to the stage and be part of the show.  The crowd was small and everyone was able to get up close and personal with Life of Agony.

 L.O.A. sounded amazing, the rhythm was tight, the guitar was punchy, and Mina’s voice was in top form.  At one point in the set Mina grabbed a fans phone and filmed the band onstage.  Before handing the fan his phone back Mina pulled the neck of her shirt down to film inside her shirt;  the fan got video of her boobs!

 L.O.A. performed a new song and die hard fans can rejoice over the fact that there will be a new L.O.A. record in 2019!  The new song sounded like an instant L.O.A. classic with a heavy guitar lick wrapped around a catchy vocal performance.

 Since Mina transitioned (She is a transgendered woman) her presence is feminine yet still just as punchy and tough.  One thing I will say about Mina and every member of Life of Agony is that they watch out for their fans.  There was no violence at this show, no one was hurt, everyone looked out for each other, and there was a definite sense of unity in the room.

 L.O.A. bassist Alan Robert celebrated his birthday a few days early at this show and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” while member of Silvertomb joined L.O.A. onstage to wish Alan a Happy Birthday!

 This show kicked serious ass from start to finish; the mood was positive, the vibe was upbeat, and everyone shared their love for music on this Sunday evening in Baltimore.


Author: Bob Suehs