Oct 22, 2018

Garbage - The Lincoln Theatre (Night 2)

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Lincoln Theatre

Washington, DC

 Garbage Set List:  Afterglow, Deadwood, Temptation Waits, Wicked Ways/Personal Jesus, Special, The World Is Not Enough, 13X Forever/Tired of Waiting, Get Busy With The Fizzy, Hammering In My Head, Medication, Thirteen, Can’t Seem To Make You Mine, I Think I’m Paranoid, Sleep Together/Happy House, Dumb, Soldier Through This, Lick The Pavement, Push It, When I Grow Up, You Look So Fine/Dreams, ENCORE:  The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, #1 Crush, Cherry Lips

 Garbage performed “Version 2.0” in it’s entirety for Washington, DC 2 nights in a row.  The first night was flawless and the band came off like a well oiled machine.  For the second night things were a tad looser and on this night Duke broke a guitar string while Shirley had a near meltdown onstage and smashed a mic during “Push It”!

 The set was nearly identical to the first night.  During the bands pre-show soundcheck they performed “Only Happy When It Rains” which has not been performed on this leg of the US tour.

 Shirley wore the same “Bandit” red makeup with her hair pulled in a high pony tail.  Black tights with black shorts were on her bottom half while matching red wrist bands complimented her Sequined mini dress.

 Prior to performing “Soldier Through This” Shirley gave a speech about the song.

Shirley stated, “Just so you gentleman in the audience understand, this is not a male bashing moment at all, I love men, I have worked my whole career with men, Some of the best things that have ever happened to me have been with men (Laughs), I love men, but unfortunately we are living in period where women are under siege.  Not just here in America, I mean if we think we have it bad here in America just travel all over the world and maybe visit Poland, Brazil, or Argentina to really understand what it means to be a woman, it’s tough.  So, never, in my wildest imagination did I think that in America women would be challenged in the way that we’ve been challenged recently.  There was a young woman in our meet and greet recently that said, “I Feel totally defeated”, and not only did it make me want to cry but it really effected everyone in this band.  We were really taken back that this young woman who is essentially talking about wanting to believe in her value but yet being told by the current administration that she means nothing.  It fucking really messed with me.  So, this is a song for all of the women here tonight, every single one of us.  It’s also for all the men in the audience that have our backs, who understands what it means.  When you’re a dude in the world it’s just a little bit easier than for a woman in the world.  And then White Women, we also have to acknowledge that everything is a little bit easier for us, quite a bit easier for us than it is for black women and women of color.  It’s about time we all start thinking of each other instead of just thinking about our own little sphere.  Women are as comparable as Men and we’ve got to sort this out.  This is a song that goes out to anyone who’s feeling a little defeated by the pussy pinching and the complete denial of our existence in some places.  I love anyone in this audience who wants the best for women.”

 Shirley commented during the pre-show soundcheck that they needed to address the issue with her in-ear monitors because their appearance at this years Cal Jam ’18 was a trainwreck.  Throughout both nights in DC Shirley would take out her left in-ear monitor and hold her finger in her ear.  It was clear that midway through both shows she was having issues hearing things and during “Push It” on the second night she had a melt down!

 Midway through the song Mrs. Manson began smashing her orange tipped mic until it was totally smashed in.  When she retrieved a new mic she simply screamed bloody murder and finished “Push It” in an abrupt style followed by her taking a huge swig of water and spitting it towards Duke’s side of the stage.

 “When I Grow Up” was next and after a few lines Shirley seemed to snap out of her anger; she found peace through the audience singing along with her but that was short lived.  Shirley played guitar during “You Look So Fine” and ended the song by throwing her guitar to the ground and walking off stage.

 After a shot of whiskey Shirley came back to the stage for a 3 song encore which included a random song choice picked by Shirley.  She joked with Butch about wanting to do “Androgyny” but it was apparent that the band did not know how to play the song thus leading into a sultry rendition of “#1 Crush”.

 The final song of the night was chosen by a random audience member.  Shirley offered to play the woman’s choice and ironically she chose “Cherry Lips” which was on the set list.  

 This show was loose, filled with random flubs, and one of the best performances the band delivered on their current tour.



Author: Bob Suehs