Oct 26, 2018

Monster Magnet - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


Monster Magnet Set List:  Dopes To Infinity, Rocket Freak, Twin Earth, Mindf**ker, Radiation Day, Look To Your Orb For The Warning, Dinosaur Vacuum, When The Hammer Comes Down, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Space Lord, ENCORE:  Spine of God, Powertrip

 The pride of Red Bank, New Jersey made their triumphant return to Baltimore with a set that encompassed their entire career from start till present day.  Dave Wyndorf is a 61 year old psychedelic hard rock machine with a drive to create memorable music.  Dave looked lean, healthy, and driven as he led Monster Magnet through their impressive set.

 Electric Citizen were direct support for this show and their music is fuzz driven guitar rock with a female vocalist.  Sonically they were the perfect fit for this concert because their music was similar to what Monster Magnet does yet different enough to create a proper balance between both bands.

 Monster Magnet have sported a triple guitar attack for several years and Wynford used a low end Epiphone SG for most of the set while Sweeny and Caivano relied on Gibson Les Paul Custom guitars. (Editors note:  Sweeny did use a Fender Strat for a few songs)

 Opening with “Dope To Infinity”, Monster Magnet sounded strong, trippy, and their overall vibe was pure 70’s riff rock set on 10.  The venue was filled with stoner rock freaks and the band clearly got off on the audience; the venue was not totally sold out but it was close.  Monster Magnet had one style of t-shirt for sale and it was $25; the only other items for sale was an Electric Bitchwax vinyl record and a signed drum head.

 Caivano had a sharp guitar tone and his rhythm playing was strong while Sweeny anchored down the bulk of the lead parts.  “Twin Earth” was a healthy slab of Sabbath influenced Stoner Rock and the only thing missing from it was Ed Mundell!

 In 2018 Monster Magnet are just as strong, if not stronger, than ever and the crowd clearly enjoyed every moment of their performance.  On a performance level this was a flawless show, the band performed a super strong set and despite their larger than life riffage, the members of the band came off as simple dudes.

Author: Bob Suehs