Nov 18, 2018

The Struts - Rams Head Live

The Struts - 11/18/18 Baltimore review!
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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

 The Struts Set List:  Primadonna Like Me, Body Talks, Kiss This, In Love With A Camera, Fire, Dirty Sexy Money, People, One Night Only, Dancing In The Dark (Springsteen Cover), Mary Go Round, Put Your Money On Me, Bulletproof Baby, Where Did She Go?, ENCORE: Somebody New, Ashes, Could Have Been Me

 Luke Spiller, lead singer for The Struts, is a true rock n roll relic in an era where rockstars no longer exist.  Dancing, Prancing, Cheering, and Lasting for two full hours of passionate non stop energy, Luke is the last of a dying breed, he is a true rock n roll frontman.

 Glittery, glossy, shiny, and sultry, The Struts have done their part to help preserve true glam rock by creating a world wide buzz with memorable songs, sold out shows, and strong performances. 

 “Primadonna Like Me” was the show opener and led into 2 of their strongest singles, “Body Talk” and “Kiss This”.  The Struts have two full length records out with 5 top 40 hits currently under their belt.

 “You guys have been an absolutely Scrumptious Audience!” Luke explained as he thanked the Baltimore crowd for all of their support before launching into a rowdy cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark”.  Luke slowed the song down midway and asked the crowd if there was a “Courtney Cox” in the crowd that wanted to dance with him.  He chose 2 young fans (1 boy, 1 girl) and brought them onstage to dance with him; the starstruck youngsters will forever remember that moment!

 Luke described bassist Jed Elliott as a man wearing very tight trousers who looked like a futuristic cop.

 Guitarist Adam Slack is a messy haired mix of Jimmy Page and Brian May with anthemic guitar riffs, flashy clothes, and Les Paul guitars.  His guitar tone was crunchy with old school dynamics.

 The Rhythm section was flawless and created a danceable rock groove; there were NO tracks, loops, samples, or pre-recorded parts during this performance.  Everything at this show was performed 100% live!

 Before the song “Bulletproof Baby” Luke told the crowd a short story about how he made the mistake of reading comments on the bands youtube page and how the negative comments made him realize he didn’t give a f**k what anyone thought about him or his music.  He told the crowd to never allow the negative people the opportunity to stifle your creativity or art.  This was a moving moment in the set and Luke’s “Beautifully Strange” tattoo asserted his comments.

 “Where Did She Go?” was the closer for the main set.  Luke asked the crowd to stoop down and jump as high as they possibly could during the song breakdown.  When Luke gave the cue the entire venue was jumping like kangaroos while a Top hat wearing Luke led the glitter soaked militia.

 A three song encore brought the night to a close and when The Struts banged out the closing notes of “Could Have Been Me” it truly felt like rock royalty had just graced Rams Head Live.  

 The Struts will last the test of time; The Struts are the real deal.  Rock N Roll is not dead, go to a Struts concert and you will experience just how alive Rock n Roll truly is in 2018!

Author: Bob Suehs