Nov 21, 2018

Atreyu - Soundstage

Atreyu - Baltimore Soundstage 11/21/18
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Baltimore, Maryland


 Memphis May Fire Set List:  Sever The Ties, Prove Me Wrong, Carry On, The Old Me, Stay The Course, The Sinner, No Ordinary Love, The Deceived, Vices

 Atreyu Set List:  In Our Wake, Becoming The Bull, Right Side of the Bed, Anger Left Behind, Ex’s and Oh’s, The Crimson, Do You Know Who You Are?, The Remembrance Ballad, Bleeding Mascara, The Time Is Now, When Two Are One, Falling Down, House of Gold, Blow, ENCORE: Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley Cover), You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover), Lip Gloss and Black

 It was a hot, sweaty, sold out show at Baltimore Soundstage on Thanksgiving Eve 2018 with Atreyu; They returned to slay Baltimore with an onslaught of heavy music, powerful musicianship, and intense performance.

 Nashville based Memphis May Fire were direct support for Atreyu and their fanbase was intense; the moshpit stayed active for their entire set while the band performed under heavy red and blue lights which made them hidden from the crowd at times.

 Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins is the star of the show and his onstage energy is pure metal core magic.  While Memphis M.F. is not a Christian band, Mullins was raised in the church and his father is a Pastor; this clearly is reflected in his lyrical content at times. 

 Atreyu were the main attraction and their set was a sonic assault on the senses.

 Formed in 1998 with seven studio records under their belt, Atreyu have grown over the years to become a metal core powerhouse which sells out shows across the United States.  The twin vocal attack of lead singer Alex Varkatzas and drummer Brandon Saller is what makes Atreyu such a stand out band.  Alex is the screamer while Saller is the melodic vocalist.  

 Twin guitars that trade off leads while creating intricate rhythmic parts add to the Atreyu militia and both guitarists are world class shredders in their own right. 

 The members of Atreyu bounced off the stage for the majority of their set and lead singer Alex V. commented that he had drank coffee for several hours before taking the stage so he would be filled with energy for the crowd!  Alex spent 50% of his time singing in the crowd and at times he would crowd surf while Sallers sang lead vocals.

 Atreyu were originally called Retribution but changed their name to Atreyu which is nod to the book “The Neverending Story”.  The name change happened after a line up change; the new name was more fitting to their sound.

 Alex struggled with alcoholism up until “The Curse” and these days his performance, vocals, and overall energy have greatly improved.

 Soundwise Atreyu were clear, the vocals were up front in the mix, the guitars sounded beefy, and the rhythm (bass/drums) were thick.  You could not ask for a better sound mix for this type of band!  

 “Bleeding Mascara” was a fan favorite and “Becoming the Bull” sounded amazing.  The encore consisted of 2 covers and 1 original.  “Never Gonna Give You Up” was funny while “You Give Love A Bad Name” was cheesy yet intense.  “Lip Gloss and Black” was the perfect show closer.

 The show ended after 11 PM and the crowd was clearly happy with what the band delivered.  The club was sweaty, sticky, and wet but once patrons exited they venue they were greeted by 30 degree weather which woke everyone up for the drive home.

Author: Bob Suehs