Dec 31, 2018

Holy White Hounds

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“Say It With Your Mouth”

 Track Listing:  Thirsty (Intro), Lucid Kid, Perpetrator, No Teeth, Big Heavy, Trifection, Violence, What I Am, Burnt Tongue, The Void, Tracy Free, Aids Chimp, New Blood, Thirsty (Outro)

 Sophomore slump be damned, the 2nd full length release by The Holy White Hounds is positively superb in sound, vibe, and overall quality.

 The essence of this record is rooted in 90’s grunge with overtones of alt rock; Nirvana, Weezer, Pixies, The Replacements, and The Vines all come to mind.

 This record starts off with an angsty track called “Thirsty” which also closes the record.  

 “New Blood” is bass driven with a wild vocal, crushing groove, and where Holy White Hounds differ from every other rock band is their quirky style/approach.  HWH has a style that dishes heaviness without the overbearing heaviness that metal bands use; they are heavy yet never go too far.

 “Lucid Kid” is a fast paced rocker with swagger, groove, and undeniable energy.

 “Perpetrator” reminds me of “Lounge Act” by Nirvana with it’s bass/drum driven stronghold.

 “No Teeth” is simple, to the point, and funky.  

 “Big Heavy” is absolutely amazing; the chorus gets stuck in your head upon first listen while the echoey guitar licks make it feel like an 80’s synth song.

 “Violence” sounds Stone Temple Pilots and this is one of the standout tracks off this record; it bleeds passion while offering slight moments of fragility.

 This is a great record from start till finish; The Holy White Hounds have created a true rock n roll masterpiece and if you are reading this, please do yourself a favor and check out their new record, “Say It With Your Mouth”!



Author: Bob Suehs